These sudden, unanticipated school closures have one goal: to squeeze as many people as possible out of public schools. I have seen announcements of this kind many times in recent days. Schools close one day a week. Two sporadic days a month. Classes are cut by an hour. Then, on some weeks, by an hour and a half. It’s all very unpredictable, and that’s by design. If the mother wants to hold down a job, she’ll be forced to pull the kids out of public school and find another solution.

This is austerity in action. And it’s coming for every public service. Policing, roads, fire stations, everything. The goal is to make all of us poorer, more scared, more helpless.

4 thoughts on “Austerity

  1. ” austerity in action. And it’s coming for every public service.”

    With seemingly no push-back at all from leftists/liberals/progressives…. why are they so hopeless? A healthy political system needs push-back from both directions and the l-l-p’s are missing in action – obsessed with distractions that have no power to materially change things, clinging to an impotent ideology….


    1. I still can’t figure out how this all happened so fast. I clearly remember how my very leftist friends would get together to talk about unions and rewatch Michael Moore’s films about Flint. They used to understand about welfare and neoliberalism. Where did it all go?


      1. “Where did it all go?”

        I think feminism began to be hollowed out with the third wave, which was overwhelmingly about pointless trivia (rather than taking on non-western misogyny and be called imperialist or something…. thanks Edward Said for that!)

        Someone who examined it would probably find everything else was being hollowed out too, so when the time came there was no foundation or support structure left so it just…. collapsed.

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  2. That number seems calculated to run parents out of sick days.

    I predict a whole new sideline for some of these moms (plus grandparents and retired neighbors): getting paid to supervise other people’s kids on 2 random days a month. Also entirely predictable: a whole lot of kids either spending two random days at home, alone or with siblings who probably shouldn’t be responsible for other children. Watch for an uptick in “young child has a tragic accident/gets lost in woods/etc while aged caretaker was napping/sibling was supposed to be watching/home alone” type stories.

    If you force people to choose between neglecting their children and paying the rent…

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