Where Are the Republicans?

It would be very easy for any Republican politician to stand out as a leader by making a strong statement about due process, the constitution, law and order. “This is our victory” would be a great rallying statement. A unique opportunity to ride a wave of jubilant public sentiment.

Notice that Biden, Kamala, Cuomo, DeBlasio, Newsom, and the entire lineup of congressional Democrats all spoke out openly today in defense of a child rapist, a domestic abuser, and a grandma beater. Who on our side spoke in defense of Rittenhouse, found not guilty on all charges by a jury? Who are our leaders? Our champions? Do they exist?

Our opponents are so faithful to their cause, they’ll go to bat for a buggerer of little boys who ran around screaming the n-word in public. The cause stinks but you got to admire the loyalty. We have a much better cause but there’s no political force behind it.

8 thoughts on “Where Are the Republicans?

  1. If you designed a Rube Goldberg machine that could function as a combination pearl clutcher, bowtie straightener, and public speaking gravitas enhancer, you could become a billionaire from its sales to Republicans. 🙂

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  2. They’re probably hanging back waiting for some nobody to rise to leadership after taking all of the risk and punishment, so that when everything has been done, after the violence or intimidation of the militants in BLM has been endured or overcome, they can declare that they stood strongly by Rittenhouse the whole time.

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  3. Trump spoke out. Cruz spoke out. Every major Senate candidate in Ohio spoke out, even the RINO. I’ve seen a few other scattered politicians and candidates say something (mostly the people you’d expect; Marjorie Taylor Greene, etc.) But overall I’ve mostly seen silence and it’s disappointing.


      1. ” sufficiently mainstream and noticeable ”

        it’s one thing for politicians to issue statements, it’s quite another to get coverage. The media that invested so much in demonizing Rittenhouse is not going to bend over backwards to quote people pointing out they’re wrong – so they’re going with the objectively pro-riot politicians who are saying “it sucks but that’s the system” to make themselves look less awful.


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