Turkey Calcs

Why is everybody saying take the turkey out of the freezer today? I was going to start defrosting on Monday afternoon, then brine overnight. Are my calculations off?

I also decided to do baked brie in puff pastry with cranberry sauce and glazed pecans.

5 thoughts on “Turkey Calcs

    1. pre-brined!
      I don’t know what it is with writing a comment of this blog, but I don’t seem to notice any mistakes until it’s published.


  1. To thaw in the fridge, you need to give it a full day for every 4 lbs of a fully-frozen turkey. For instance, a 12 lb turkey needs three full days to thaw before going in the brine. So when you begin thawing depends on the size of your turkey, and to some extent, how cold your fridge is. A 12 lb turkey in a 38-39°F fridge will fully thaw in 4 days. A 12 lb turkey in a 33-34°F fridge will still be partially frozen in 4 days.


  2. I’d err on the side of defrosting early: I once defrosted a large cut of beef for roasting, following the instructions to a “t”, only to discover after cooking that the center had not fully thawed out or cooked properly 😦


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