Reader Beware

I got Klara JK Rowling’s The Christmas Pig on Audible without checking out what it was about. My mistake because the story is about a severely traumatized boy whose parents are divorced and now he’s mentally very unwell. I don’t know how to explain this chain of events to my 5-year-old, so Jack’s violent two-day screaming jags remain very confusing to her.

I don’t know what possessed JK Rowling to base the story on something so disturbing. It’s clearly a book for very little children. The webpage says 8 and up but it’s more like 4-7 range.

2 thoughts on “Reader Beware

  1. Lots of children’s books deal with tragedy and/or unhappiness in some capacity. Didn’t you read A Little Princess to Klara? That book is incredibly tragic: parental death, abuse, starving children begging for food. It loved and continue to love that book. But it really is quite sad. I remember weeping as my mother read it to me. It has a happy ending (unlike Hans Christian Anderson’s depressing stories) but the characters truly suffer along the way.


    1. Sara Crewe isn’t screaming and trashing her room for two days over a trivial event a normal child forgets in 2 minutes. She’s resilient and stable. The character in the JK Rowling book is seriously mentally unwell.

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