He Shouldn’t Have Been There

Here in St Louis peaceful BLM protesters murdered a retiree. They shot him in the head and filmed him, cheering and jeering as he bled out on the floor.

But this wasn’t even the most egregious murder by peaceful BLM protesters. In Atlanta they shot to death a little girl in pigtails. Like the murdered St Louis retiree, she was black. There are two more dozen stories of murder during the peaceful BLM riots of 2020. And countless stories of assault, looting, robbery, arson, bullying, etc.

People are saying that Kyle Rittenhouse shouldn’t have been out with a rifle during the riots. But I’ve got to ask. If the authorities refuse to protect us and if it’s impossible to get even a recognition of what’s being done to us from anybody, when does it become OK for us to defend ourselves?

The neighborhoods torched by the rioters were overwhelmingly black and/ or immigrant and / or working class. Under the cover of well-meaning and, indeed, peaceful marches by well-heeled suburban poseurs that took place during the day, at night violent criminals were allowed to terrorize entire neighborhoods. Often, these neighborhoods were in the way of a gentrification process that would benefit the well-meaning daytime poseurs.

Finally, a few people realized that neither the police nor the National Guard were going to defend them. They got armed and went out to defend their neighborhoods. This was after seeing months of destruction and a pile of dead bodies produced by the peaceful BLM elsewhere. This is why Rittenhouse was out there. What would have been a better alternative? To hide and hope that the goons only manage to murder retirees and little girls?

These are not rhetorical questions. Unfortunately, there will be more austerity. A lot more. We will all have to answer these questions. If there’s no schooling, no healthcare, no policing – what do we do? Do we sit waiting for it all magically to come back or do we start doing for ourselves?

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