Why Was Rosenbaum There?

A much more interesting question is why the men Rittenhouse shot were there.

Take Joseph Rosenbaum. He was a pedophile who had raped 5 little boys. He was also bipolar and suicidal. He had tried to kill himself shortly before the riots and was institutionalized. Then, as the riots were starting, he was. . . released.

At the riots, Rosenbaum was running around and screaming, “Shoot me! Somebody shoot me!”, trying to complete his suicidal plan. He was in the midst of a bipolar episode and, clearly, racial justice was the last thing on his mind, as evidenced by the fact that he kept adding “shoot me, n———–.”

Here’s the question. Why had Rosenbaum been released straight into the riots? A suicidal bipolar man in the midst of an episode. Who released him? Who released many other similarly afflicted men? How come crowds of men like Rosenbaum were bussed straight to the riots? The number of men with serious meth addiction or lengthy criminal records at the BLM riots is staggering. How did they all get there? Who transported them? Who armed them? Who immediately paid their bail so that they could keep coming out to riot night after night? And most importantly, who’s looking into this because it seems that nobody is.

We are being manipulated into not noticing these weird happenings. Instead, we are led like horses to water to ask why Rittenhouse was there, as if he were there completely alone.

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