No Med

I’m waiting for an endodontist appointment with what is probably a root canal. The dentist and the endodontist are offering me all sorts of pain prescriptions in the meantime. I’m refusing even though it’s serious pain because I don’t like medication. This is one reason why I won’t take a COVID therapeutic (aka “vaccine”) when I don’t even have COVID.

For the particularly trenchant, COVID vaccine doesn’t prevent infection and spread and never aimed to do so. Just like my taking a pain med for my toothache won’t prevent your tooth from hurting. If you don’t support medicating me for the toothache against my will, why would you support medicating me for COVID against my will?

By the way, more people died of COVID in the US in 2021 than in 2020, which supports the already obvious truth that COVID vaccines don’t stop infection and spread.

5 thoughts on “No Med

  1. I sympathize with your dilemma. I refused the pain meds for a tooth I had pulled that was root canalled and crowned. It was one of the worst experiences of my life (I was awake while they drilled out the roots that broke). Here I am 2 weeks later still having pain. Tylenol and ibuprofen are very helpful. I don’t understand why they offer hydrocodone’s and other horribly addicted meds. I hope you will feel better soon!


      1. I don’t do Tylenol either. I have non-medicinal ways of getting rid of pretty extreme pain. You can access the same areas of the brain that the drug accesses and swap pain for euphoria.


        1. I think I remember you talking about that during one of the spring health posts. I’ve never been able to do it, probably because I’ve already formed the “grumpy in pain” pathway so deeply.


        2. That’s a neat trick! Were you taught it, or did you figure it out yourself?

          When I was eleven, I had my first real migraine– and spontaneously invented breathing/visualization meditation (I had never heard of meditation before) out of pure necessity. I’ve always felt like if a kid could come up with that on her own, there must be established, teachable techniques that are even better, having been refined by study, experiment, and tradition (which is just a word for study and experiment over generations).

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