Still Self-defense

I don’t care if Rittenhouse tattoos the collected works of Ibram Kendi all over his body and wraps himself in a flag saying “Kamala 2024,” it’s still self-defense. It wasn’t self-defense because I projected my political beliefs on this kid but because it was actually self-defense.

Blind partisanship is idiotic.

7 thoughts on “Still Self-defense

      1. I feel sorry for him for many reasons. He will have to live with the knowledge that he killed people (no matter if it was in self-defense or not), plus the general infamy associated with his trial. It is a heavy burden to carry and he is so young. I hope he has some wise adults around him to help him, because this has a potential to not end well for him. He still needs to deal with what has happened and with his role in it.

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        1. Amen to all that. It’d be better, IMO, if he just disappeared from the public eye for a few years, let the furor die down and the next big media sensation wipe his name from the public memory. I hope he’s got good family support: when all you know is that his parents are divorced… :/


          1. From what I hear, theirs is a very chaotic, abusive family environment. Kyle turned out surprisingly well in such a family. They all have a history of addiction, domestic violence, just sad miserable things. And he tried to stay out of this kind of trouble.


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