Kid Shoes

I used to buy Klara shoes at Walmart. She is very active, and any shoe, sneaker or boot I get her gets shredded within 2-3 months. At Walmart, I’d get her a pair for $9, she’d destroy it, I’d buy a new one, and that would be it.

Now there are no more kids’ shoes at Walmart. Their selection has dwindled to almost nothing. There’s never anything in her size. On Amazon, kid shoes cost insane amounts. $45! $30! They are cute and all but they will last her 5 weeks at the most.

I want my Walmart kid shoes back.

5 thoughts on “Kid Shoes

  1. Since her feet will definitely grow and so definitely fit progressively larger size shoes with time, then at her rate of consumption, is it perhaps worth ordering several pairs in several sizes from a Walmart in another state or some online vendor?


    1. That’s what I do, I buy several pairs on clearance in bigger sizes so I always have a pair of shoes for the kids. They beat on them like crazy.

      I second Target and also it’s worth checking out Carter’s and Old Navy. My WalMart is hit or miss when it comes to stocking any children’s clothing/shoes, but their prices are great. Stock up when you see what you need!! That is definitely going to be a rule for many goods going into next year.

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  2. I’m so old that I can remember when you could buy children’s sneakers for four bucks from the Sears catalog. They never changed the way they made them, so you knew that if one size fit your child now, the next size up would fit when he/she outgrew the current pair. That made it so simple and cheap. Sigh…

    My son hated wearing shoes and never wore them if he could avoid it, and he grew so fast that he often outgrew a pair of shoes without coming even close to wearing them out. I had a friend who was a struggling single mother, and her son was about a year younger than mine, so I sent all the clothes he outgrew to her. She accused me more than once of going out and buying new shoes for her son because the ones I’d sent her didn’t look used.


  3. Thought about dropping by an outlet mall?

    Walmart has been really iffy about having things in stock, so I’ve been hitting outlet malls while driving around.

    It’s all of that JPowPowPow “transitory inflation” ya know. šŸ™‚


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