P.S. On Shoes

And before people say that expensive kid shoes last longer, the previous post was prompted by me having to throw away a pair of – and I feel idiotic even writing it – $48 shoes I bought her in September. They were sturdy but. . . She’s an active 5-year-old who spends hours outside each day. There’s no shoe can survive that.

I’m kind of upset over the $48.

3 thoughts on “P.S. On Shoes

  1. At that sort of use level, it might be worth looking at the kid’s shoes ranges from mountaineering boot manufacturers. Can guarantee, f’rex, that Meindl sneakers don’t break, even with hours-a -day outside use (I use a kid’s pair of Meindl Tarangos as my daily low altitude shoe, including 2.5h of offroad use a day, and 1 year in they look brand new). They’re going to be more expensive than 48$ tho, and they aren’t made in very girly styles unfortunately….


  2. We get all of ours at the kids’ consignment store. We can still get the nice shoes, but I don’t feel sad about them disintegrating or being outgrown in 3 weeks as long as I paid less than $10.


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