The Dogma

This is the very heart of many of our problems:

Yes, if the demographic subgroup of infants has different outcomes than the demographic subgroup of retirees, that’s bigotry. People are interchangeable widgets. Groups are all identical in everything except moral value. And that’s called diversity! Everybody is an identical cog!

We have allowed people who are congenital idiots to terrorize us into compliance.

14 thoughts on “The Dogma

      1. I love when college-educated activist-people say this, it’s so funny. If equal pay for everyone (regardless of dedication or ability) actually happened, they’d immediately be unhappy that proles could now afford to shop at the same stores and live in the same neighborhoods as them. Jeepers, what if they had to wait in line at the grocery checkout with the Great Unwashed?? Share the same parks? How would they virtue-signal with their electric bicycles if everyone could own one? Success would make them miserable.

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        1. Exactly.

          And there are so many things like this. The demographic subgroup of women has a significantly longer life expectancy than men in all developed countries. Is that a result of bigotry? Are women bigoted against men?

          Infant boys everywhere have higher mortality than infant girls. Is society bigoted against baby boys? Or is there some non-bigoted biological difference happening here?

          It’s all so stupid.


  1. A style note: “outcomes differences” sounds…. awkward and wrong. I think i”outcome differences” or “differences in outcomes” would sound much better. Though sounding better is not a good thing for this horrible ideology….

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  2. Why do people even listen to this crap? I mean, what are they even founding this on? This whole thing just seems so made up and fake to me. Anybody can just put up some unfounded crap on some PowerPoint slides and pass it on as truth, why do we have to believe it?

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      1. In some academic circles perhaps.

        I can’t see this kind of messaging going well outside those circles. The normal people I know don’t like being talked down like children like that.


        1. There are trainings like these at all major companies and in the US military. I suggest subscribing to Chris Rufo’s newsletter. He regularly shares these trainings, and the materials are a lot worse than what I posted here.


  3. So why is it them, and not any random off the street, who gets the job as diversity officer or whatever it is? Broken system?


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