On Pandemia

Friends, a little note on Alex Berenson’s recently released book Pandemia. I was a dedicated Twitter follower of his before he was censored. I’m now a Substack subscriber. I also bought his brochures.

When I pre-ordered Pandemia, it was mostly as a sign of gratitude to the man who saved my sanity in 2020. I didn’t expect to find anything particularly new and interesting in the book because I read him every day already. What else can he say that will be new to me?

But guess what? I’m underlining things on every page. There’s a boatload of stuff he says that I didn’t know. It’s a very well-written, clear, valuable book. And such a pleasure to read!

In a small aside, there are three men in the world you can never criticize in my presence: my husband, my analyst, and Alex Berenson. You can absolutely criticize the book but not him as a person. When I say he saved my sanity, it’s not a figure of speech. It’s a statement of fact. I know myself, and it was possible that I’d become one of those cowering idiots who haven’t let their kid outside in two years. We all have our burdens to carry, and mine tends towards neurotic hypochondria.

5 thoughts on “On Pandemia

  1. I ordered a physical copy. There’s no telling when Amazon will decide to recall the kindle version from our devices. Mine arrives today!


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