Toys’ Medical Records

In Canada, a teacher brought the Christmas elf toy into the classroom and informed the kids that it’s ok because the elf is fully vaccinated. I wonder how the elf’s colorectal cancer screening went because we need a full medical history of each toy before children can play with it. Is Santa bringing a report from his urologist? Because there’s no place for him under our fully vaccinated and boosted Christmas tree if not.

6 thoughts on “Toys’ Medical Records

  1. What is the motivation behind this propaganda? Are they trying to persuade parents through the children? I honestly don’t get it. Are they trying to scare children so they will comply? Or just create a new social norm – so that you don’t fit in if you’re not shot up?

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      1. Then the teacher told children to raise their hands if they’ve been vaccinated (the spell check smartly suggested ‘indoctrinated’). Then my sister barked at the principal who agreed this should stop. At least.

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