Just as “the vaccinated” were getting used to being a superior caste, they’ve been demoted:

The moment you get distracted, you slide right into the category of dirty, untouchable vermin.

Soon enough there’s going to be the intersectionality of the fully boosted where fully boosted “people of color” will be considered more boosted than anybody else based on the historic injustices they’ve experienced.

12 thoughts on “Neologisms

  1. Some people have been boosted twice 🙂

    And are probably going to be boosted again this year…

    Hope the vaccines are not as dangerous as Alex B describes. Just looking at his blog is liable to make one’s pressure rise, if a reader is vaccinated, let alone boosted.


  2. Meh, this new variant has very mild symptoms, newer variants will probably be even milder; I’m not very concerned. This push for boosters is stupid.

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    1. If only anybody cared about variants or symptoms. This is about robbing us to enrich Pfizer. Nobody cares about symptoms. We are letting ourselves get robbed.


      1. This a true socialism. Everyone has to chip in to make millions for the few fortunate ones. Back in the day it was just the people in some Middle-Eastern countries and the ones who enlisted. Why doesn’t the government just give them the money and leaves the people alone?


        1. That’s what I’m thinking. Can’t we just send our taxes directly to Pfizer and save everybody the trouble? Then everybody gets a chance to take the vaccines or not.

          Of course, Pfizer will lose the profits from selling medication to treat the side effects of the vaccine, but we can simply pay it more! That would save time and money.


  3. Just a matter of time until families of people killed by the vaccines are told how much worse it would have been if they had been killed by covid, followed by doctors nodding their heads in agreement.

    Looks like the people in the village were right all along btw. The luckiest people in the world are the ones who are dumbest, since they don’t notice how stupid it all is and don’t get annoyed.

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  4. // Oh, just get a Pfizer IV drip connected already

    What does Israel get from it in your opinion?

    A Russian blogger talks about the desire of EU / world elites to create a ‘new normality,’ but I cannot seriously believe Israeli politicians and medical experts pursue this goal.


  5. I have to complete all boosters if I want to continue working in my profession. It is not a personal choice exactly.

    Still, I hope the vaccines are not dangerous for healthy people. 🙂


      1. // would that be a worse story? If so, then why?

        Well, for one, social status of the person who agrees to this condition.
        Personal secret crime is different from wide social pressure to confirm.


        1. So if 80% of colleagues agree to penis in mouth to save their jobs, then that makes it ok? The wide social pressure to accept sexual harassment or spousal rape justified the existence of these practices?


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