Klara says, “Mommy, I seem to remember a time – and I was very little back then, so I’m not sure it’s true – but I remember this time when nobody wore masks. It was good.”

5 thoughts on “Sad

  1. I saw a great kid mask at Dollar General today — it was a COVID mask but it was incorporated into a whole costume-style mask, fun to wear.


  2. I am sorry, Clarissa. My heart breaks for this generation of children. I grew up in a very middle class household in a third-world country; we didn’t have much by way of material things, yet when I look back, the most valuable thing we had was our friendships. It is a tragedy what these children are missing out on. It must be stopped.


  3. At least she remembers it. My child is too small to have a memory of that time. I am only grateful that our daycare does not make children under 5 to wear a mask and that we found a parish where most people do not wear a mask to Mass. I have been wondering about what it does to children who see all adults around them wear a mask all day. At a time their language and emotional world is developing, they are not able to see the faces of people who care for them. It’s nuts.

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