The BLM Dead

Unfortunately, the people who died as a result of the BLM experiment in defunding the police won’t be able to appreciate the gesture.

3 thoughts on “The BLM Dead

  1. The US is such a reactionary country nowadays. A cop does something bad, then all cops are automatically bad and we go to extremes to fix that. Crime goes up, we go to the extreme opposite.

    I’ve seen this pattern recur in some many issues. Some people call these moral panics, and they’re just idiotic.

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    1. It doesn’t happen in my home county. The sheriff is elected, and letting cops behave like petty tyrants would get him un-elected pretty fast. You can’t pull that “defund” stunt in a place where police are well-respected and have a good relationship with the community.

      Back when the big cities were having big riots, we had an “officer-involved shooting” of a black man in our town. He died. Some bright-haired young activists rolled in from the state capital and tried to start trouble. It was an embarrassing failure: they couldn’t get more than ten people to show up and hold signs at a “protest”, even when they were offering free food. They stood at the main intersection in our town’s mostly-black neighborhood, and the residents studiously ignored them all weekend. Too many people had personally known or had run-ins with the deceased: he was violent, mentally ill, probably high, and at the time he was shot, he was an active threat to civilians. And everybody knew it.

      Weirdly, this was also the case with George Floyd and whatshisname: serial offenders, druggies, domestic abusers… so why was everyone so willing to blame cops?

      I don’t think you can make that happen in a community where policing is good, and trust in law enforcement is high.

      How do police departments in big cities get so corrupt/ineffective/unpopular? Are their sheriffs appointed? Is it drug money? Party politics?

      Inquiring minds want to know.

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      1. It’s so easy to manufacture a perception of reality, though. A police department can be great but it won’t matter if a narrative is created that they are murdering every black person in sight. I know somebody who has been terrified of leaving the house in our small, extremely safe town because he thinks the police will murder him for being black. He thought that in the US the police murdered tens of thousands unarmed black people every year. When I showed him the stats that it was under 20 in the entire country and zero in our town, he was shell-shocked. The guy is an immigrant and believes what he hears on the news.

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