My Aesthetic

What people might not know about me is that my favorite aesthetic is that of a hypermodern corporate boardroom. Glass, chrome, rectangles, geometric spaces, clean lines. It gives me pleasurable explosions in the brain.

We have an annex built in this style on campus. It’s reserved for events of larger groups. If somebody could let me in this space every day for 15 minutes, I’d be the most productive bastard on campus. Which might be the reason why nobody wants me there because I’m already too hyper.

My ideal house is a hypermodern style located among huge, old trees. The problem is, I can find the two things separately but not together.

2 thoughts on “My Aesthetic

  1. House, that’s very Pacific Northwest, I think you can find it. Or northern California / Oregon coast. I like this combination too and also wonder if they have it in some Chicago area towns, it seems somehow related to Frank Lloyd Wright…


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