With Omicron

With? Meaning, clearly and undeniably not “of”? I looked up a dozen links. They all say “with.” And they also all say that this somehow means Omicron is not mild.

7 thoughts on “With Omicron

  1. They are pushing the “PANIC” button as hard as they can. “Not enough people are panicking! Quick! More panic! Start the klaxons! We need them scurrying and hiding!”

    Nobody in my social circle is even remotely concerned.

    So… what do you reckon they need the panic to accomplish this time?

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    1. “what do you reckon they need the panic to accomplish this time?”

      the UK government bought approximately 8 doses of vaccine for every inhabitant of the country (at 20 pounds a dose for most of it)*. They’ve gotta use it or lose it….

      “I looked up a dozen links”

      Me too, no background information at all about the age, location and overall health status of the patient…. in other words it’s completely made up or doesn’t fit the panic! shoot up! narrative they’re spreading.

      This twitter guy is showing some (not all but some) of the outright lies and distortions found in the British media.

      There’s no way that these can be spun as honest mistakes… it’s just flat out deception.

      *I’m low-balling the numbers so no one can say I’m exaggerating….

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        1. “all a sunk cost problem?”

          It’s not all sunk cost, but that’s definitely a part of it.

          I think the main thing in the UK though is that the longer they keep it going the easier it will be to eliminate the NHS for anything but vaccines (clearly the goal).

          Many British people are unreasonably fond/proud of the NHS (justified when it was founded… now…. not so much) and would rebel if they just started shutting it down openly with nothing else going on but economically it can’t survive long term* without massive amounts of funding no governments wants to pour into it….

          *the population is more and more unhealthy and medical innovations make treatment more and more expensive to start with…


  2. If Covid were to magically disappear, there are a lot of people who would sink into suicidal depression. It’s what gives their lives meaning — bossing the rest of us around, making us wear masks, forcing us to take the clot shot, making our lives miserable if we don’t comply, castigating us for being anti-science and wanting to kill grandma, etc.


    1. Mattias Desmet has an interesting video out on mass formation that has happened over the past two years. In some way, pandemic gave meaning to lives of many people and channeled their anxiety into something tangible. That’s why it is so hard to get out of this situation now.

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