Putrid Ads

Wow, it turns out there are TV commercials for COVID vaccines for kids. How absolutely putrid. “It’s their turn to get life-saving vaccines!” Unbelievable.

I only watch recordings of my Mexican soaps and reality TV shows, so I have no idea about what’s happening in the TV ad space. It’s only at the gym that I catch a glimpse of what people are being subjected to.

On a related note, my deep condolences go to the viewers of CNN. I don’t know what happened to you to make you think you deserve this mistreatment but it’s not true. You deserve so much better. Rodents deserve better, let alone humans. Turn off this Radio Télévision des Milles Collines now and step away from the device. It’s not being good to you.

8 thoughts on “Putrid Ads

      1. Yep. Several times a day I flip through the cable news channels just to confirm what I already know: that CNN and MSNBC will invariably be talking about one of two subjects: either the doomsday omicron crisis, or January the 6th and the coming white supremacy insurrection in 2024. (Okay, they did make an exception to mention the big tornado.)

        If you want to hear what actually happened in the world today, watch Fox.

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  1. CNN and Headline News in particular are why I bought a pair of TV-B-Gone devices for travel.

    TV-B-Gone is a device that’s like a TV remote control, but instead of sending the entire command set, it merely blasts out every power-off code that’s programmed into it.

    You needed two for full coverage of TVs worldwide.

    They still work pretty well after about twenty years.


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