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Senators Warren and Booker tested positive for COVID with mild symptoms. According to the official COVID narrative, the vaccinated aren’t infectious. Does this mean that Warren and Booker won’t be required to quarantine? If they still have to quarantine, that can only mean that “this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated” is untrue. Why is every vaccinated person who tests positive still required to quarantine? Have the people who repeat the mantra about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” asked themselves this question?

I know the answer because I read the original papers Pfizer published when the vaccine was released. But let’s say you didn’t have time to do that. Why aren’t you wondering about these things now? When the vaccinated Governor of Texas tested positive, why did he quarantine? Moreover, would you hang out with a vaccinated friend who tested positive yesterday? If you test positive after vaccination, will you feel no compunction circulating freely? Or would you stay home for a while? You know the answer.

If we all know the answer, why does the lie persist? Why does it get repeated? To discourage the infected from quarantining? Probably not. Then why? There’s got to be a purpose to such an obvious untruth being peddled so insistently.

18 thoughts on “Ask Yourself This

  1. I want to know this too. If the [insert number here] jabbed are still required to wear masks and isolate etc, when are they going to ask themselves what was the point? I suspect the answer is never. Maybe it’s the sunk cost fallacy at work.

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    1. Right? When I had COVID in August of this year, nobody asked me if I was vaccinated. I was told to quarantine, and rightfully so. Vaccination status had zero impact. But why? The only possible answer is that you are still contagious. My sister is fully vaccinated but had to quarantine when her kids tested positive. Why, though? Where’s the logic?

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  2. I think we all know the answer to this. The myth that “the vaccinated do not spread” is being used to justify the vaccine mandates and passports. Without this myth, there’s no point to them.


    1. I’m trying very hard to understand what people are thinking. There’s got to be an explanation they give to themselves. Or are they so far gone that they never notice the contradictions in the official narrative?


      1. The official narrative has been a total and absolute mess. You have to be brain dead to believe otherwise.

        I think some people just cannot comprehend the idea that there is something out of our control, something that we do not fully understand, and mutates and changes. Like just about everything, this has become political and therefore irrational.


        1. “official narrative has been a total and absolute mess”

          Absolutely, the messaging alone is maybe the worst collectively performance by governments I’ve ever seen. The question is…. is this because they’re incompetent or is the confusion on purpose….

          In other words, I’ve long thought that the messaging was intended to create dissenters who would refuse to get injected so that the dissenters could be used as scapegoats for other government policy


          1. “The question is…. is this because they’re incompetent or is the confusion on purpose….”

            I know some of them personally. It’s incompetence. Some of them are outraged that there are people who do not bend to their will and have taken it as a personal slight. Where I am, there will be a fight.

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  3. I think we should take them entirely at their word, declare that the vaccinated cannot contract or spread the disease, and ergo, the conspiracy theorists are right in declaring that congresspeople received a saline shot for the cameras because they weren’t willing to take the same risks they were imposing on the people.

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      1. Well, if the vaccines make you immune, then that’s proof that people who get covid didn’t get the vaccines, right?

        Clearly, some of these vaccine-believer folks are also lying about having received the vax. 😉

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    1. Remember flatten the curve. Reminds me of the imaginary Iraqi WMDs.

      I think the technical term for this kind of thing is mission creep. The main difference now is that the left are in charge rather than the right wing neocons.


  4. The mainstream narrative, here in Italy, is that vaccinated people can spread the virus, but way less than unvaccinated people. And they can get symptoms but won’t end up in the hospital (which is a lie). At this point, no one – no matter how pro-vax they are – is arguing that the vaccinated are completely immunized. I assumed it was the same in USA…

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    1. In the US they were so eager to demonize the unvaccinated that they went with the narrative that the vaccine guarantees no illness or spread. Of course, that was insane but it’s still working on most people.


      1. I have hot heard that narrative here. What I have heard around me since last spring is that vaccinated people (used to) have lower risk to develop a severe case of the disease, and vaccinated people were sometimes concerned to get unvaccinated people sick by being in close contact with them, hence clogging the pathetic public health system. I do perceive some sort of resentment amongst vaccinated people, however. Getting those stupid shots to get back to square one? I do hear that.

        As you probably know from your sister and family, it is not joyous here.


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