Elderly Gym Rats

Montreal announced a new round of COVID restrictions today. Among other things, the gyms are getting closed once again.

In Canada, fewer than 2% of COVID deaths are in people under the age of 50. Over 65% of deaths are over the age of 80. But the government is working hard to protect the elderly fitness freaks from congregating in the gyms and conking out from COVID right in the weightlifting room.

I know it’s useless to appeal to reason. This will end when Canadians decide it should end. For now, most of them seem to be enjoying all this.

In the meantime, I’m off to the gym.

7 thoughts on “Elderly Gym Rats

  1. Stumbled over the press article linked below a couple of days ago where the head of Ontario’s Science Advisory Table (“Table” – as in dumb as planks), Dr. Peter Juni makes a startling confession.

    This “Table” is a bunch of pretentious, self- aggrandizing, self-appointed public health illuminati who set the agenda for the provincial government’s stern COVID regime with frequent puffs of smoke rising from The Second Vatican™ – University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

    It seems these authoritarian dunces have now determined that N95 respirators should be worn by every Ontarian who dares show their face (just a figure of speech, mind you) in public. (Yes you read that right!)

    Sounding ever so much like a staff meeting of the Ministry of Silly Walks, this article reports a canvas of several Ontario public health worthies on the subject of ditching cloth masks for N95 respirators.

    In the heat of his excitement, Dr. Juni makes a startling confession about the “single-layer cloth face masks” that the Science Table has sternly insisted upon as completely mandatory for the last two years (or you’ll die, die, die… and kill granny too)

    “The issue here is if you have a single-layer, the ability to filtrate is absolutely minimal and doesn’t make a difference whatsoever,” said Juni, who pointed to the use of N95 respirators as a more effective option.”

    SAY WHAT??!

    “The issue here is if you have a single-layer, the ability to filtrate is absolutely minimal and doesn’t make a difference whatsoever,” said Juni, who pointed to the use of N95 respirators as a more effective option.”



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    1. I want to hear from every person who called me names on this blog for saying that these masks were useless for two years.

      I insist that we put every public health official and politician in a WWI-era gas respirator for a couple of years. They are so precious to all of us. Let’s save their lives from this terrible pestilence. Or save our brains from the pestilence they emit.

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      1. Honestly, I thought it this quote would be quickly corrected/taken down as soon as the COVID Police™ noticed that it was so completely off-narrative.

        But there it stands..

        On the other hand, it’s a fact that this extremely news-worthy quote has been totally ignored by the media in Canada as far as I can determine. Either they can’t read or…

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      2. Of course they’re useless.

        But every lazy bureaucrat with a science or engineering degree loved to pretend that they were actual subject matter experts when it comes to the mechanical and materials engineering problems that filter materials present.

        Most of them probably don’t even remember their year 1 or year 2 experiences with such course work as “deformable bodies”, let alone the complexities of computational fluid dynamics models.

        I’m game for your respirator idea: they wanted to pretend this was so very much like polio, so let’s give them the iron lung treatment as an extension of their principles, mutatis mutandis. 🙂


  2. Another little gem published today in the Canadian press…

    “Pfizer Inc. funded presentations to Canadian health professionals earlier this year that claimed rival COVID-19 vaccines could cause cancer and were inappropriate for immunocompromised people — claims that experts say were not true.”

    I’m totally shocked – In an effort to push sales, Pfizer has not always been completely truthful? Tell me it isn’t so!


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