Be Yourself

It’s a good thing she didn’t need an elephant trunk to be herself.

11 thoughts on “Be Yourself

  1. One could argue that this is the opposite of being yourself.

    I am also sure that if someone out there was offering to implant elephant trunks there would be some people willing to undergo the procedure. After all, there is over 7.7 billion people living on this Earth.

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      1. This is entirely theoretical, of course. I have the opposite of body dysmorphia disorder: no matter what weight I’m at, or what age and three pregnancies have done to my looks, I can always look in the mirror and go: “yeah, I look OK.” This is deeply funny to me, because on paper, and for my health, I still need to lose 20 pounds. But the mirror is sabotaging my efforts by telling me everything’s fine 😉

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        1. I’m so with you on this one. I always wondered what the opposite of body dysmorphia is called because I definitely have it.

          Between being beautiful and feeling beautiful, I’m on the side of feeling it.

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  2. Unfortunately, I’ve seen what these “penises” look like and I can assure you they do not resemble anything to what human male genitalia looks like.

    This definitely looks more and more like normalizing genital mutilation and human modification. They should just come clean and admit that’s what they are after.

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    1. It’s a tragedy. And instead of averting our eyes away from this ailment and letting psychiatrists treat it, it’s put on display like some sort of an achievement. This woman is ill. And she’s being turned into a circus act for profit.


  3. Dr. Mike Adams’s favorite phrase on this matter: cutting your penis off doesn’t turn you into a woman any more than attaching your penis to your forehead turns you into a unicorn.

    What a complete waste. How many people are we going to mutilate for this particular cause? I see we’ve stopped taking the necessary skin from the forearm and have now moved to a more concealable location. Somewhere John Money is feeling vindicated in his disgusting work, and another thousand gender clinics just opened for business. When these mentally ill people finally wake up to the destruction that can’t be undone (and did nothing to help their psychological discomfort), the lawsuits are going to be epic.

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  4. It just adds insult to injury that she’s, according to the article, asexual. Makes an absurd/tragic/horrifying/mentally ill action 1,000 times more so (plus so wasteful and pointless).


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