Personal COVID Stats

This is completely anecdotal and isn’t aimed at drawing any conclusions but right now I personally know more people seriously ill with COVID than at any other time. Until very recently, the person I knew with the worst COVID symptoms was actually me. Everybody else I know who had it had very mild symptoms, including people over 70 and even 80. For the first time, I know people who are in the hospital for it, some for the second time in two weeks. These are all elderly people with a bunch of other illnesses but this obviously doesn’t make me care about them less.

What are your personal COVID stats?

16 thoughts on “Personal COVID Stats

  1. My jiu-jitsu dojo, which has been open most of the time it has been legal to be open over the past 21 months, just had its first case of someone testing positive after being on the mats.
    Lucky for me, I wasn’t there either of the days last week that the person attended. Not lucky as in lucky I wasn’t exposed. Rather lucky as in, I’m non GMO, and I don’t want to be blamed for transmission.
    The dojo varies from anti and active, to somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of being in an environment with those who are not vaxxed. The instructor is not an idiot, but puts too much faith in the vax.

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  2. My family (us, the kids, my parents, and one sibling) had covid back in March 2020. Only my husband has been vaccinated. None of us have been sick with it since. My brother and his kids in another state got it about a month ago, but none were seriously ill– less than a typical flu, and they stayed home from work/school for a week. None of them are vaxed either.

    If anything, we have all been less ill than usual over the past two years. I attribute this to the new vogue for staying home when you are sick. It is perhaps the only good thing to come out of this whole sordid “pandemic” theatrical.

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  3. The virus has never been proven to exist. The PCR test isn’t testing for SARS-Cov2 virus. Testing positive is meaningless piece of information. It’s just manipulation of the cycle threshold to get people in fear of “cases”. The injections are killing and injuring millions of peoples. When will people wake up? This is mass psychosis. Fear was used to get compliance. I know no one that had convid but I know one that died after his injections and others that have adverse reactions. More will get the boosts out of fear and more will die or get injured from them.

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  4. A distant relative died of covid more than a year a go. From what I understand, there were other things going on in his life when he got sick (recently retired, in a lockdown for an extended period of time, somewhat depressed). He received no treatment whatsoever until he was too sick and an ambulance had to take him to a hospital where he was then put on a ventilator. Then there are some other relatives (into their late 80ies) who died with a positive covid test. Was covid the cause? Perhaps. They were already very sick before testing positive. Then there are some others into their 80ies who died in proximity of getting vaccinated. Again, they were already very sick with other ailments. I do not want to sound heartless, but I think it would be good for all of us to understand that we are all going to die one day and the older you are, the more likely you are to die (covid or no covid, vaccine or no vaccine). Otherwise, I do know bunch of non-vaccinated people who got covid (including a pregnant woman who has since delivered a healthy baby) with minimal problems. For most, it was like having any other garden variety respiratory virus, and some of them may have not noticed they have covid if they did not test.

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  5. While in the hospital for surgery in December 2020 I was infected with the Covid virus by the staff. This was before vaccines were available and since the hospital let me know I was exposed and then I tested positive, I was offered and accepted an infusion of a monoclonal antibody. I am over 65 with type 2 diabetes (under very tight control) and since my adult daughter has a very compromised immune system I agreed to all the precautions (she never caught it). I had to wait until March 2020 for my first Moderna shot (90 day wait required after the infusion). I am now fully vaccinated, boosted and healthy. My wife never caught it from me. I had no side effects from the infusion or vaccine and while I had Covid I had a fever for 1-1/2 days and was tired for ten days. It was no big deal. I had a balance issue for almost a year, attributed to Covid long hauler and that is almost completely cleared up. I live in NH and we are now setting records for both new cases and hospitalizations since it is cold and we all headed indoors. I know of maybe a dozen people who have had it over the last year and no one now. Only one person felt she was very sick but not hospitalized. Masking in groups is easy to do, and I believe natural immunity from having had Covid will serve us better than shutdowns. I have a fully completed Covid vaccination card and will not present it to enter a restaurant or any other business. My medical records are my business.

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  6. My wife and I are fully vaccinated and boosted. We have been exposed several times but have always tested negative. We are both in our 70’s. In the extended family several cases but no serious illnesses. One friend had a fatal case but he was in a nursing home with advanced dementia and multiple comorbidities.

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  7. Living in a regional area of the world’s biggest prison island there has been very, very little covid here so I can’t comment other than to say jabbed people getting sicker from covid bears out they theory of negative “vaccine” efficacy.

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  8. Among my couple of hundred acquaintances, there have been a few dozen cases, all mild. One member of my immediate family caught it, was sick for two days, and has lingering effects on his ability to taste things. The only person I personally know who went into the hospital is 87 years old. She recovered after a couple of days, and it took her about a week or two before she looked back to normal. She has refused to VAX, social distance, or mask up from day one.

    My family and I actively seek out places where people don’t mask, don’t social distance, and don’t talk about “vaccines”. Normal people, in other words. If any of this stuff were true, me and mine should be among the first people dropping dead, instead of being among the healthiest people we know. I support anyone else’s decisions about taking the jab If they freely want to; & if you want to believe in your mask juju talisman, I’m OK with it if you keep your magical religious beliefs to yourself.

    Being a science and numbers guy myself, I’ve been calling fraud from day one of this thing. Real disease, but no worse than a bad flu according to the numbers. All the lockdowns etc. have been insane power grabs, and nothing more. It will stop when we simply refuse to comply anymore, and not before.

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    1. Yes! That’s exactly it. We need to start thinking for ourselves and making our own decisions. Then, and only then, this will end.

      People, it’s been almost two years. How much longer can you hide from this?

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  9. Last year I knew one person who died of covid. The husband of a woman in our church. He was 63 and purportedly healthy. This year I know lots of people who have it–including my husband a few weeks ago (age 76) but none of them had it bad enough to go to the hospital. Of all these I’m not keeping track of which ones were or weren’t vaccinated–it’s such a tiresome topic. In my rural, very red Pennsylvania county, the vax rate is less than 50%. There’s been an uptick in voluntary masking at stores, but I get the feeling that most of us here are just living with it and not living in fear.

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  10. Mine? Zero, because I’m in the survivor group, remember?

    But some idiot thought I had GBS because I was presenting “symptoms” for it in the form of bloody cracks in my fingers, and so they were in a mild panic about me having The Rona.

    It was actually a severe allergic reaction to cheap gas station soap that wound off peeling off two layers of skin on my hands and cracking the layer of skin beneath so my fingers were bleeding.

    I’m still healing from that, heaps of fun while typing or doing work with small machine parts.

    Now I take a small bottle of dish detergent with me to gas station restrooms.

    Levocetirizine also worked pretty well for the first week of stabilising the allergic reaction.


    1. You have my sympathies– I get the same reaction to that horrible orange Dial liquid soap. I don’t know what’s in that stuff (poison!), but that shite should come with a warning label! Public bathroom dispensers are always a crapshoot.

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  11. Lots of my friends and relatives have had it. Most recovered without any problem. My husband and I don’t know if we’ve had it, since we never bothered to get tested. I’ve had cold symptoms a couple of times, so maybe that was covid. I hope so, since then I would have natural immunity, and as someone who grew up in the old days before there were vaccines for measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox, I’m a big fan of natural immunity.

    On the down side, I do have one friend whose brother-in-law (74 years old) is in the hospital, fighting for his life after covid turned to pneumonia. Last I heard he was on a ventilator in a medically-induced coma. I feel terrible for his family.


  12. “personal COVID stats”

    My first boss in Poland died last Spring (I didn’t attend the funeral but there were all manner of VIPs and a military salute etc)
    A co-worker (female early 60s) died shortly thereafter.
    An acquaintance died in December 2020 (not sure of the cause but it might have been covid).

    A few other colleagues have had it and I came down with it in November (pretty mild – though the bureaucratic response didn’t help, just made it worse).

    Best friend got it around the same time and ended up spending just under a week in the hospital (friends is in medicine and notice possibly serious symptoms early enough to prevent them from getting worse).


  13. Personal covid stats:

    I know two people who have been in hospital ICU with covid. One is about my age; he recovered after a difficult two weeks. The other is about 40, a former grad student in my department. She was also in ICU. about two months after she was released from the hospital, she had a relapse. Her second bout was just as bad as her first one. I have no idea whether either was vaccinated.


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