Do Your Part

The rushed and hysterical introduction of vaccine passports in Chicago and other cities, the partial shutdowns in Montreal, etc show that people have not caught on to the seasonality of the virus. I was hoping they would but, apparently, fear is stronger than rationality.

Let’s hope they catch on in the next cycle. August is the peak wave in the South, January is peak wave in the North.

It’s possible that they might need two more cycles after the current one to notice the seasonality and stop perceiving each wave as a shocking, unpredictable development. Please do your part gently and softly to introduce the word “seasonality” into people’s perception of the situation. In my experience, when I say, in the most caring and unthreatening voice possible, “it’s a seasonal virus,” people look shell-shocked, and then a realization dawns on their dumb little faces. It’s actually quite beautiful to see the timid awakening of a tiny part of their atrophied brain function.

One thought on “Do Your Part

  1. Things are very different today than a year ago. I was just at the mall, it was packed, so was the restaurant, bars, etc. I’d say most people have moved on.

    This new variant will spread fast and die fast. I believe the worst truly is over.


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