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I found a link to a writer’s Substack on Rod Dreher’s blog, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. This long essay on the biopolitical security state is brilliant. I know I’m preaching to the converted here but I don’t know how to get across to people what a dangerous game we are collectively playing. Please read, share, and stay strong.

One thought on “Link of the Day

  1. I like Kingsnorth and keep tabs on his writing, but find his.. ah.. mental issues a bit much. Like, I think he’s seeing and saying something important, but he’s a depressive personality and I find that difficult in large doses. Kind of like Dreher and whatever neurosis it is that rides him around.

    What’s totally hilarious and wildly intriguing to me is the surprising degree of overlap there is between the readership of Dreher (Orthodox, conservative), Kingsnorth (freshly-minted Orthodox convert, quite liberal AFAICT), and John Michael Greer (Druid occultist, autistic, history buff) over at

    The funniest (to me) part of that is that Greer, being the most autistic of the three, is the least prone to hysterics and flights of neurotic fancy, and easiest for me to read.

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