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A small quote from the essay that I linked in the previous post. This encapsulates my position on getting myself (not you, you do whatever you want) vaccinated perfectly. I don’t worry about side effects. But I don’t want to participate in the vaccine passport regime. It’s terrible, and it leads to very bad places.

But for now, it is enough to say that my personal Vaccine Moment has arrived. Where once I was on the fence, now I am firmly off it. Even if I were to be convinced that these vaccines worked safely, I could never get myself a vaccine passport and acquiesce in the technological segregation of society. I could never scan my code without shivering. I cannot participate in this.

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. This is something I dislike too. With a friend, yesterday, we were discussing that the next step would be to implement a vaccine passport that would also include your “bubble”, for restaurants, bars, and cultural/sport events.

    Unrelated topic, but I am grading my final papers on the Bildungsroman, and you are quoted, my friend! You are quoted!

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    1. These are very sophisticated students, then. 🙂

      My stellar moment came earlier this year when my very first teacher of Spanish directed a PhD thesis that quoted me. I felt vindicated.

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  2. Thankfully I’ve never even been asked for COVID vaccination records to enter an establishment or anything like that. And if they do ask me for one, I will simply go elsewhere.

    This really isn’t a pro vaccine vs anti vaccine issue anymore. Plenty of us pro vaccine are firmly against this, it definitely is a step too far, unecessary, discriminatory and divisive.


  3. This was never a “vaccine issue” because this isn’t a vaccine these people are talking about, but instead an experimental gene therapy.

    That they thought it was clever to change their definition of a vaccine in order to start calling experimental gene therapies “vaccines” serves to demonstrate the level of fraud these people have always been willing to commit.

    “I could never get myself a vaccine passport and acquiesce in the technological segregation of society …”

    Plenty of people see an exit from the situation that’s going to be rather bloody: If you’re the person blocking access to X, then you become the source for X.

    But this person has another version of it to be worried about: If you facilitate the existence of a regime that makes it defensible for these people to block access to X, then you also become another source for X.

    So this isn’t just about high standards and principles.

    There are people who very matter of factly would eat these people for dinner if pushed to do it.

    The IRA used to lure police into ambushes in order to take their equipment, so how would this insurgency tactic be any different?

    Left, Right, it’s all Wrong when it comes to creating situations that rekindle The Troubles.

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    1. It’s all about the language. This is such a sneaky use of the term “vaccine.” But it worked. People bought into it, and even now that it’s obvious this isn’t anything like a vaccine, they are clinging to that word.


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