Soviet Joke

I saw an interview with a male swimmer who has declared himself a woman and is breaking all of the women’s swimming records, and I remembered this old Soviet joke.

Americans decided to send a spy into the USSR. They trained him for years. The spy learned to speak Russian perfectly. He learned how to behave, gesticulate, and dress. He was fitted out with Soviet-made clothes. Even his hair was cut by a bad, inexperienced barber to make it look like a Soviet haircut.

Finally, the spy crosses the border into Western Ukraine. He walks down the street of a small village, and the first Soviet person he meets is an old Ukrainian woman.

“Hello!” he says.

“Hello, American spy,” says the woman.

“How did you figure it out so fast??” exclaims the spy. “What gave me away?”

“You are black,” says the woman.

The joke is at least 40 years old but it’s as fresh as ever.

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