Fake Victory

Rod Dreher links to this utterly ludicrous article in WashPo that he seems to take seriously even though one would expect him to know better:

It took me 15 minutes to disentangle who these utterly imaginary “Ukraine insurgents” might be. The idea seems to be that if Russia invades again (which is a big if), and if it manages to retain any territory beyond what it now has (which it already failed to do several times), and if in the occupied territories a Ukrainian insurgency will form (which never happened in any previously occupied territories), and if the Ukrainian regular army decides not to participate in the conflict in any way (which never happened before and would be insane), then Biden might want to arm those imaginary insurgents (which he won’t because they aren’t real and he’s not interested).

This is the definition of fake news. An intelligent person who has seen these fakes being created for years at this point asks, why is such a transparent, silly lie being created now? What purpose does it serve?

The answer is painfully obvious. The Biden administration desperately needs a success story. Inventing a fake scenario of a looming military conflict with Russia gives Biden a chance later to pretend that he was successful at averting a major crisis.

This is an electoral strategy, and a pretty pathetic, limp-wristed one. It’s the WashPo, for Pete’s sake! All it does is print lies that are half-heartedly fed to it by the administration.

Yet people keep buying into the lies.

P.S. Yes, it’s +17° Celsius here. It’s ridiculous.

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