Abusive Saint

Oh, he did a lot. He choked a woman half to death while robbing her at gunpoint. He shot a guy in the head, putting him in a vegetative state. He shot yet another man during a carjacking. The shamelessness of this narrative about yet another sainted violent criminal and abuser of women is unbelievable.

9 thoughts on “Abusive Saint

  1. I wonder what stands at the root of this madness. How are vile criminals turned into holy martyrs by virtue of being killed by the lawful authorities? Why the transubstantiation? Does it have to do with Wokeness being now a full-blown cult?

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        1. // I keep wondering why every one of the BLM saints is a violent criminal and an abuser of women. They haven’t been able to cough up anybody half decent.

          Because decent or even halfway normal people are not the ones getting shot by cops or citizens attempting to protect businesses from plunder?

          Another contributing reason is that the ideology is “you don’t have to be perfect in order not to be shot by a bad apple cop.” The politics of respectability are passe and anyway impossible to employ while protecting criminals.


          1. This is not true. There are cases every single year of actual innocent people getting mistakenly shot by police when, for example, the cops raid the wrong house, or there’s a shootout and some passer-by gets caught in the crossfire.

            There are real, actual innocent victims of police incompetence out there.

            The progressive left deliberately ignores them in favor of violent abuser criminal thugs.


            They could be canonizing Ismael Lopez, a middle-aged dad in Mississippi with no criminal history, who was shot and killed by police conducting a raid on the wrong address.


            They could be championing the cause of Anjanette Young: Chicago police who had the wrong address crashed into her front door while she was stark naked, handcuffed and humiliated her, and the whole time, she was telling them they had the wrong address.


            Why not take up the cause of Jose Guerena, a guy with no criminal record, who was not actually (as the cops thought) dealing pot, and was shot sixty times by police who raided his house while his wife and 4-year-old son hid in the closet?


            What about Tikiya Allen in Detroit: killed in police crossfire while out riding her bicycle? 18 years old, beautiful, a nursing student with a decent life ahead of her– I cannot think of a more perfect face to put on your “all cops are bastards” sign.


            Stuff like that happens fairly regularly. Those were just the first four to pop up in the search results when I went looking. BLM and the woke circus DOESN’T WANT these victims. They ONLY want violent criminal domestic abusers.

            There’s an obvious answer to this: Anjanette and Jose and Tikiya and Ismael were, and are, people the rest of us can identify with. They weren’t doing anything wrong. The cops were clearly doing something wrong for those people to be killed. You, me, and just about everybody else could get behind a campaign to hold police accountable for those deaths. A movement championing their cause would have clear goals that could be achieved: perhaps new training or legal protocols for cops, to avoid these situations in the future. It would be a unifying cause. Most people of good will: white, black, brown, rich, poor, and everyone in between, could get on board with making sure the police don’t raid the wrong address and shoot innocent bystanders, or banning no-knock raids, or making sure that anyone responsible for implicating an innocent man without any evidence (resulting in a raid or shooting)… is criminally prosecuted for it.

            That’s not what leftie activists want, though, so that’s why you’ve probably never seen these names in the news. They WANT cases that will lead to public conflict. They WANT cases that only the most biased people can support– and that will also repel anyone with a modicum of moral fiber. They WANT the division, rioting, violence, destruction, etc. and the way to get that is to make sure that your saints and martyrs are morally revolting people that only the most blind or rabid activist could support. They MUST ensure that whatever case they take up, there is no reasonable course of action that can be taken to fix the situation, that the general public would support. That way, you get instant opposition. Opposition is the goal. They need half the country to fill the role of “enemy oppressor” for them. And there’s no visible end goal. They need this to go on as long as possible. When you have a clear, righteous cause with a clear legal/social end-goal that can actually be achieved (like, say, the civil rights movement), then… at some point you will probably succeed and be forced to find another job. Can’t have that. They need perpetual conflict so they can claim perpetual victimhood.

            Where would they be, if they took up Tikiya’s cause, and everybody was on their side? That wouldn’t achieve their goal of perpetual conflict.

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            1. That’s a great insight. There is no other explanation. It can’t be an accident that the only people they put on murals and immortalize in statues are really, really horrid people.

              This is very scary because a fanatical, messianic group out for somebody to hate is a story that never ends well.


    1. in other words… it’s completely sane, completely rational, and totally evil. They have gained control of the levers of cultural power, and now they’ve got loyalty tests for anyone who wants to join their club: burn this pinch of incense to Caesar. Trample on this crucifix. Steal something. Get this tattoo. Fuck the temple prostitute. Go out and shoot someone. Get these possibly-harmful injections. Affirm this blatant lie. Then you can be part of the club… because you will have acted against reason and conscience to get in, and now they own you.

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  2. Imagine this as r-selection versus K-selection, with the goal of the r-selected being one of theft of services or abstracting resources to promote their numbers …

    These people use the rhetoric of K-selection to fool people that their children are going to be capable of doing great things, while in reality they’re pulling services and resources away from those who intend to be survivalists rather than those who live in bubbles.

    And so this criminal thug shot by the police somehow deserves a memorial plinth according to this ill-logic of unrealised gains, the same ill-logic that the Biden regime wants to impose at an economic level.

    The ongoing grifting ends when the services and resources are no longer available to tolerate this behaviour, with the sharp end of this being the cessation of anything that resembles a welfare state.

    What the Left does with the welfare state is that it serves as a way to pay off its enemies and lure them into long-term codependence, and so the Left thereby doesn’t enter into confrontations with these enemies that they’re likely to lose.

    The Left tried this with the Right and with Libertarians, but these people refuse to be bought off with their own money.

    Meanwhile, Anarchists and Agorists see them all as corrupt Socialists. 🙂


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