Thank you, everybody, for the suggestions for an alt-turkey Christmas dinner. The popular option was ham. I looked it up online but my brain doesn’t read it as food. Thousands of years of genetic memory rebel and make pork repellent to me.

So I decided to make beef bourguignon. Our Christmas dinner is tomorrow. Today we are going to the night service at church, and even N wants to come.

7 thoughts on “Alt-turkey

  1. Merry Christmas! Il-Milied it-tajjeb! In Malta where I am right now, Christmas begins at noon on the 24th (and church bells ring for over 15 minutes).

    Last time I was here it was just before the c-words, so hopefully now is just before the end…

    Weather was sunny and breezy and 16 centigrade, in other words… real Christmas weather!

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  2. I’m doing the meat for our family gathering at elder daughter’s and son-in-law’s place: roast beef and salmon.

    Re: pork. Over Thanksgiving weekend, visited younger daughter’s soon to be in-laws – who raise pork They served ham – and it was very different, much more tasty, tender, and red. Ham gets an ‘eh’ from me mostly, but this stuff was wonderful. Makes me want to raise pigs.

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  3. “beef bourguignon”

    Sounds very good for Christmas.

    Maltese cooking is a mix of Italian and British influences… for Xmas eve dinner I had:
    caponato and artichokes
    pasta with salmon
    roast guinea fowl
    roast leg of lamb with baked au gratin potatoes
    lemon tart and a mince pie
    cheese and crackers.

    An odd mix but it worked.


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