Example of the Postmaterial Realm

This administration can’t give people anything except for a sense of fake moral superiority. So that’s what it gives in spades. This is the definition of the postmaterial realm of politics.

And yes, Trump did that too with his endless “build the wall” while not building any wall.

4 thoughts on “Example of the Postmaterial Realm

  1. Just further proof, as if any were needed, that all Americans are on their own until Biden is replaced by ballot or fate as our country’s leader. This tweet mirrors the President’s speech earlier today, but I’m sure that the senile old man didn’t personally compose it — and probably isn’t even aware that his snickering minions released it without feeling any need to ask his addled permission first.

    I’ve said several times on this website that I’m not concerned about my personal welfare between now and 2024, because I;m protected by my wealth, advanced age, and secure retired status that shields me from the swirling storm raging around us.

    But as Biden’s cognitive deterioration becomes more apparent with every speech, the fact that our country has no effective “commander in chief,’ that our national decisions are being made at random by whoever has talked to the President last — is beginning to scare the hell out of me.

    (I still think the country will ultimately weather the storm. But this late at night — minutes before I turn in to bed — my thoughts do run scary.)

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  2. It looks like people in the leadership are virtue signalling to each other, which means that the organisation is fragile and prone to collapse.

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  3. Just goes to show that the Calvinist* strain in our national character remains strong, even among those who presumably don’t consider themselves religious. The self-described progressives I know seem to spend enormous amounts of time and mental and emotional energy trying assure themselves that they are members of the Elect/bad things only happen to bad people and I’m one of the good ones/ & etc.

    The latest trend is enthusiasm for the idea that hospitals shouldn’t provide care for the unsaved/unvaccinated.

    *For any theologians who happen to be reading, yes I know this is a vulgarized summary of Calvinism, but you know what I mean.

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