In New York, armed robbery and drug dealing (among many other crimes) will now be misdemeanors.

People say that social sciences aren’t real sciences because they are unfalsifiable. But literally all the stuff we are seeing today was predicted 20 years ago. Every day I’m experiencing massive deja vu. No public schools, no police, an explosion in street crime, a massive degradation in living conditions. This was all predicted because that’s where the logic of events trended.

4 thoughts on “Falsifiable

  1. Remember that all of these nutty public officials (DA’s. mayors, etc.) have been ELECTED by the voters in their locales — so the citizens who chose them have no right to complain about the consequences.


  2. Can you give a good example for how they were predicted that the average reader would understand? I see this as an output of cultural relativism. But many people seem to lack understanding around the “ideas have consequences” concept.

    For instance, there were people who said that with passage of the Family Law Act in California in 1969, the divorce rate would skyrocket, and children would suffer. People were allowed to divorce due to irreconcilable differences. We don’t even think about divorce today. Get married. Get divorced. No biggie. But back then, there were warnings. Now, some will argue that children are harmed whether one divorces or not – but that’s another discussion entirely. The stability of the home used to be considered sacred. Now, single, working mom’s ensure children are raised by daycares (or the state – school). Or worse…running around NYC with guns blowing people away.


  3. Well, to understand what is going on, one needs to look at the demographic reality on the ground, which has shifted since the 1990’s. The city’s liberal upper class has no regard for the ensuing chaos since it barely touches them. Many middle-class whites have left in droves over the past thirty years and are now fewer and far between than at any time in the glorious history of NYC, which leaves growing numbers of black and Latino activists whose only interest is having so-called BIPOC in positions of power, no matter how inadequate they may be.

    The reality is that the vast majority of crime in NYC is committed by black men. Since getting tough on crime means getting tough on the black underclass producing the majority of criminals, and since this in turn means sending thousands of black men to prison, this makes white liberals feel bad, and black people raging mad, which in turn inflames them even more in wanting positions of power for their fellow BIPOC who now form a growing, increasingly incompetent administrative underclass.

    The money to secure the success of their campaigns is provided courtesy of a plethora of Soros-backed, Zuckerberg-backed and other liberal super elites-backed foundations clouded in murky names and obscure aims but very effectively organised since as not-for-profit institutions they manage to attract the ablest and most talented left-leaning products of elite academia, providing them with a fail-proof springboard into very lucrative careers later on, in the law, equity, finance, media and administration, thus turning them into NYC’s and DC’s new liberal city elites. And that’s how the loop is closed.

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