People who have COVID can return to campus after 10 days since the positive test.

People who have been exposed to a COVID positive person but are testing negative can return to campus after 14 days.

Yes, the CDC guidelines are different. But who cares? This is all completely arbitrary and has always been.

9 thoughts on “Arbitrary

    1. …or am I reading it wrong and it’s actually a reward? Like, you get fourteen free vacation days to compensate you for being callously exposed, and you get only ten free vacation days for getting sick, because that’s embarrassingly low-class?

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      1. You do not actually get that time off. You are just stuck at home and teach online, at least temporarily. So if you are in quarantine, you and all your students get punished for a longer period of time than if you are sick. Bonus points if you have a small child since they have to quarantine at home with you even if all of you are asymptomatic.

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          1. A kid’s quarantine begins 14 days after a parent’s quarantine begins and lasts for 14 days. So effectively, a kid is out of school for a month if a parent tests positive.

            My sister says she doesn’t know a single mother in her circle who isnt in a very bad mental state. And why wouldn’t they be?

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            1. I will be honest, the thought of quitting has crossed my mind on multiple occasions over the past year or so. I have sacrificed a LOT to have the career I have now, and I am reasonably successful (I am no superstar, but I am doing well). Actually, from the professional point of view, last year has been really good to me and by all objective criteria I should be (and I am) very grateful for what I have. Still, this situation has me considering for the first time that this all may not be worth it.


  1. “exposed to a COVID positive person but are testing negative”

    There is a kind of tortured logic behind that…

    I think the idea is that normally the infection passes within 10 days of a test (preceded by symptoms) so if a person is over symptoms at the end of the 10 days they’re likely good to go.

    OTOH there’s still an idea that it can take up two weeks for symptoms to manifest once exposed. I have no idea if that’s valid or not but it’s what I found when I was waiting for my test….

    So it kind of sort of makes sense if you squint your eyes a bit… (tempting the cancellation gods with that one).

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