The New Normal Homicide

Since 2019, homicides have gone up by 178% (not a typo) in Austin, Texas and by 150% in Portland, Oregon. Overall, across the country homicides increased by 45%.

Importantly, the actual gigantic jump in homicides happened in 2020 and it started right when the BLM riots began. In 2021, the sky-high murder rate of 2020 was maintained with a slight overall increase of a little over 5%.

There’s good news, though! In Jacksonville, Florida homicides went down by 19% since 2019.

3 thoughts on “The New Normal Homicide

    1. The fact that you have to dig and dig for these terrible numbers because they aren’t widely discussed demonstrates that it’s true. A thousand dead in Cook County, mostly black. How are they less important than George Floyd? But we never hear about them. Some of those victims were little kids. Toddlers! Where’s the coverage? Where’s the outrage?

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