Given that everybody will get infected with COVID eventually, it makes sense to have a COVID pack on the ready. If it hits you bad, I promise you will be lucky to have the energy to carry a pill to your mouth, let alone figure out where to get it.

Prepare vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, and vitamin C. Ideally, start taking them now and double the dosage if you get COVID. Flu medicine doesn’t help much but it doesn’t hurt. Makes you feel like you are doing something.

One of those oxygen meters you can get cheaply. They help the hypochondriacs avoid unnecessary trips to the hospital. If your oxygen saturation is over 90, don’t go. They won’t keep you unless you need oxygen.

A pack of cigarettes. When it’s between going on a ventilator and taking a few puffs, virtue can lose for a change. People who don’t see a difference between being a heavy habitual smoker with emphysema and taking a couple of emergency puffs should buzz off immediately. The mechanism is still unclear. Maybe smoking blunts the cytokine storm response, maybe nicotine competes for the same receptors. It’s been studied some but not much because VIRTUE.

People are making stocks of food but, honey, if you have COVID and you can still think about food, what you got ain’t COVID. It’s the sniffles, so just order takeout and leave everybody in peace.

If you are going to take hydroxichloroquine or ivermectin, make sure you get your prescription filled in advance. It’s easier to find a doctor to prescribe than a pharmacy to fill. And if you get to the point where you need it, I promise you won’t be able to go into that battle.

Also, remember that in a bad infection, there are usually two waves. The second one tends to be worse. Once the first wave of symptoms subsides, people tend to think they are getting better and freak out when it suddenly gets much worse.

If anybody has more suggestions that helped them or somebody they know, please share.

20 thoughts on “COVID Ready

          1. You know, I hadn’t thought of it before, but now I really wonder… were east asian countries’ covid numbers better because they smoke more? I would love to do a side-by-side comparison of coof death rates and smoking rates by state/country now…


              1. Definitely a major risk factor. The spike in the virus binds more securely to fat cells in the body. There’s absolutely nothing better one can do to protect oneself from serious COVID than losing weight.

                Instead of the penalty on the unvaccinated, a penalty on the overweight would make sense. I don’t support it, of course, but at least that would be logical.


  1. “Prepare vitamin D, zinc, quercetin, and vitamin C.”

    I think vitamin D really needs vitamin K2 with it.


    1. I take these together as a maintenance thing. Can’t say if they do any good or not, but… doesn’t seem to hurt. I have heard that if you’re taking K2, and you have a choice about what’s on offer, you should look for an MK-7 variety made with nattokinase. That way you’re getting a natural form same as if you were eating natto (shudders). MK-4 is the animal form and theoretically preferable, but… all the supplement varieties are synthetic (edit out boring discussion of left-handed and right-handed molecules…). So… I am not a medical professional and I am not giving any advice, and you should definitely not listen to me. But when I buy K2, I look for the magic incantation “nattokinase” on the ingredients. Because I like that hippie witchdoctor voodoo stuff 😉

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  2. “oxygen meters you can get cheaply… If your oxygen saturation is over 90, don’t go”

    A friend had one and ended up getting into the hospital when it was dipping down below 90… some kind of scan (CT scan) showed obstruction in the lungs. They were out of the hospital in under a week probably because they caught it early.

    I had one but never got below 92/93… overall my case was very mild, if I hadn’t gotten a test I would have assumed it wasn’t covid and probably would have been back in class in 10 days rather than two and a half weeks… (and too tired to do a fully day of class after 10 days of ‘isolation’).

    The isolation period felt worse for my health than the illness itself (something I’ve heard from others as well…)

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  3. This is all very good advice. However, ever since I saw my elderly father get it and all he had was a mild cough, I’ve been constitutionally incapable of worrying about it. I figure I already got it and didn’t even notice.

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  4. People of normal weight should right now be taking:

    multivitamin at double normal dose.
    vitamin D 2000-3000IU per day.
    zinc at least 7mg.
    vitamin C approx 1000mg.
    magnesium normal RDI I forget right now.

    Everyone should also do something like go for a brisk walk for 20-30 min per day if possible and safe.

    If you’re horribly wealthy or can afford it, interferon gamma is probably the best defence that exists at this point in time.

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  5. Two things:

    I was so glad that I regularly make and freeze bone broth when Covid hit me last February. It was all I consumed, and I think my course would have been much worse without it.
    Once you get your ivermectin prescription, find a compounding pharmacy. Not only will it be cheaper, but they’ll be much more likely to fill it than a chain. (And yes, get the prescription now. Don’t wait until you need it.)

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  6. Make a plan to get fresh air for at least a couple of hours a day, even if it’s freezing out. Lots and lots of blankets helps. If it’s hot make sure fans are running. You want the air circulating well when you’re stuck in one room for days.

    I had a borderline severe case and this really made me breathe better.

    Also know where your entertainment is. If you have a laptop or phone or gameboy make sure you know where the chargers are and know where the outlets are in your room so you can plug them in right away and forget about it. This is assuming you’re isolating in a single room, though.


  7. I tried to post advice with links, but it either went into a spam filter or just got swallowed by the reply form…

    If my advice post comes up later today, great! Otherwise I’ll try again tomorrow.


  8. I second all the supplements and getting hcq/ivermectin ahead of time if you want to use it. My husband and I regret not doing that for us and our family members.

    One additional item that helped us (might’ve been placebo effect) was coca tea. If you can find it wherever you live. It is used in the Andes for altitude sickness and other health benefits. Helps elevate oxygen. We (husband) are Peruvian so we have it already on hand. I drank it consistently during Covid and continue to do so no as I have a lingering cough. Oxygen levels have always been at 98 or higher.

    I also liked drinking broth the whole time I was sick and it was basically all I ate. Real chicken broth or stock. Nothing store bought will do.

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  9. add a nebulizer and a stock of antihistamines for it, steroidal if you can get a prescription.
    all the suppliments/treatments mentioned, plus remember that it is a virus.
    Hydration to help your body flush the toxins and keep your mucosa functional.
    Heat will help to fight an invasion: tea, broth, hot bath/shower, and exercising specifically to induce sweating.


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