Worse than Tacos

The only thing more disgusting than tacos are wonton tacos. Greasy, chewy, nasty things. Extremely messy and uncomfortable to eat, too.

13 thoughts on “Worse than Tacos

  1. Can’t say I’m with you, there. Well, I don’t know about wanton tacos, but regular tacos are great. But, I will concede I’m thinking about the ones I had growing up in California; I haven’t had a decent taco east of the Mississippi River…


    1. I don’t understand the general principle, though. Everything falls out, your gabds get dirty. You have to bend over in weird ways. The tortilla is dry, so you need a lot of sauce. But the sauce drips the second you squeeze it.

      Pelmeni are much smarter as an alternative. The wrapping is closed, so nothing drips. And they are small, so you pop one in your mouth without having to bite. Every culture has a variation on “stuff wrapped in dough.” But some cultures seem incapable of figuring out that you need to close the dough.


      1. Good tacos you get about four at a time, and they don’t have much in them. This takes care of the things-falling-out problem. Overfilling is a sin. Overfilling is what you do when your tortillas are old and stale or frozen and not very good. Lengua tacos on fresh corn tortillas are a little slice of heaven. You have to have a lot of mexicans in your area to make that happen. Where we are, there seems to be a taco joint or a tortilleria on every other corner 🙂


  2. “wonton tacos”

    Just had some absolute genius ideas, feel free to open a restaurant and reap the benefits!

    Blinis filled with poke and toped with manghego cheese!

    Cabbage rolls filled with paella (including mussel shells and unpeeled shrimp)!

    Borscht but instead of pork and beets…. bear with me now… mangoes and guava!

    Herring curry!

    You are gonna be sooooooo rich!


      1. “chocolate covered liver”

        Terrible idea… instead of just covering it they should melt the chocolate like fondue and then dip small pieces of liver (and maybe herring) into it.


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