Question for Caroliners

Anybody here from North Carolina? Is the COVID crazy or normal? I’m contemplating going to a conference in March but I need to know if they’ll be allowed to hold it in person.

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  1. It depends on where in NC and who is organizing the conference. The likelihood of cancellation would be higher in the RTP area (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill) than outside. Also, if Duke University has anything to do with the organization, the risk of the cancellation is higher, they are on online learning right now. UNC system has been more reasonable and is holding classes in person (at least as of today). Of course, the triple vaccinated academics are in the panic mode right now and would prefer to be online. For what it’s worth, I know people who held a small (local) in-person conference at the UNC-CH campus last fall and there was no problem. Many of the regular (non-PhD) people in the area are fed up with the pandemic and don’t care anymore (last week our daycare allowed parents to come inside the building after two years). I expect the cases here are going to peak over the next two weeks or so, so March should be reasonably safe.

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    1. It’s the UNC.

      Thank you for the reply! This sounds encouraging. I’ve never been to the area, so if there are any suggestions about what to see / where to stay, is be grateful.

      I’m not likely to travel overseas anymore so I want to squeeze all I can from domestic travel. This is a big country with lots to see.


      1. I don’t have too much insight about where to stay in Chapel Hill, unfortunately. My two favorite places to visit in the area are Duke Botanical Gardens ( and NC Museum of Art ( Obviously, the art collection is not as great as in the bigger cities, but the museum is free (with the exception of the special exhibition) and they have very nice outdoor space with walking paths and outdoor art installations.
        As for the food, don’t leave NC without eating NC barbecue! One place to eat is the Pit in Raleigh (, but there may be other good choices closer to where you will be staying. I hope you will enjoy the visit! I think March is a good time, not too hot yet!

        I also hope that whoever is organizing your meeting will not be idiotic enough to require proof of vaccination from all the participants. More and more professional meetings in my field (very different from yours) are starting to require it… Apparently, people “feel uncomfortable to be around the unvaccinated”.

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