Happy for VA

I spent all day moping around with my cold, then checked the news, saw that Glenn Youngkin is getting really amazing shit done on his first day in office as Governor of Virginia and now I’m cured and ready to. . . go do something impressive.

Somebody with an insider position in Illinois politics explained to me recently why Pritzker will be elected again as Governor of Illinois in November, and that’s very disheartening. But at least I’m happy for Virginia.

5 thoughts on “Happy for VA

  1. Yes, this made me hopeful too. I am SO excited by what Youngkin is doing. I wish we had more leaders like this in the GOP — unfortunately now it’s just him and DeSantis. But that’s exactly what we need in a president. Well done, Virginia parents!


  2. I heard a guy on Hannity’s radio show last week who is running around IL talking to people at churches, etc. Looks like he may run against Pritzger. I guess the question is, even if the majority of people WANT to elect him, is there enough shady nonsense (plus dirty reputational tricks) that Pritz could pull to prevent it.


    1. In Illinois, demographically Cook County decides everything. And Cook County is heavily black and Hispanic. Meaning, a Democrat wins by default. You can run a literal saint, and he’s going to lose if he doesn’t have a D after his name.

      Our Hispanics aren’t FL Hispanics. These are Central Americans who will vote for the farthest left version every time.


      1. Hopefully this candidate will go to Cook County and convert the church going black and hispanics. We can pray for it!


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