More Grumpiness

I caught a cold, so I’m grumpy and ready to list everything that annoys me in life.

I’m really over the people who live in happy heterosexual marriages, raising children and accumulating wealth, posing as “queer” because it’s suddenly fashionable. It’s less aggravating than white ladies in academia posing as “women of color” or even outright “black,” but it’s still annoying as all hell.

I was reminded of this moronic fad when I read the book by Aixa de la Cruz that I reviewed yesterday. The woman is happily married to another writer. Everybody knows that because he’s well-known. They have a kid. And he’s actually her second husband, so it’s not like she’s new to heterosexuality. But she goes on and on about how she’s a lesbian because years ago she “kissed a girl and liked it.” She’s also “a victim of the patriarchy,” even though her husband is actively promoting her work on every corner while she gets published in anthologies of “queer lit.”

7 thoughts on “More Grumpiness

    1. There’s a sequel somewhere for kids who aspire to be SJWs but who have never experienced oppression — e.g. a white middle class kid who grew up in an intact family with his/her heterosexual married biological parents (sorry, that was a little redundant), who has never been abused or discriminated against and who has no idea what being oppressed is like. The only route for most of them to join the ranks of the marginalized is to join the sexually-nonconforming club. It’s the one club anyone can join, even one who suffers from a surfeit of white privilege.


      1. Oh, yeah. My teenage niece is “bi” now. Because there are no straight girls at her school, and who wants to be the weird one? Doesn’t matter that she’s never so much as had a crush on a girl, but has dated a few guys. Anybody can be “bi”.

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          1. Yeah, I guess she’s “bi” because she once dated a guy who dresses up in women’s blouses to get “likes” on tiktok, or something. (shrugs) I suppose there are worse things you could do to get attention.

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        1. In last week’s episode of Law & Order, a little boy declares he’s “bi” because “it’s not ok to exclude anybody.” Obviously, his mother pisses herself in delight. That’s the current narrative.

          It makes sense, too. There are no borders, no boundaries, “you’ll own nothing,” including your body. Depriving anybody of access to your body is a road to inequity.


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