Weird Trend

What’s with this trend of giving Fitbits or other smartwatches to 4 and 5-year-olds? Half of Klara’s kindergarten class got a smartwatch “from Santa.”

This is a clear case of people manufacturing a costly need that they will have to feed endlessly at a considerable expense. A 4-year-old can’t possibly decide she needs a Fitbit by herself.

8 thoughts on “Weird Trend

  1. I have noticed smart watches for toddlers in a local store. I was horrified, but apparently some parents must think it is a good idea. From the perspective of the current system it makes a lot of sense – it makes it easier for the Big Brother to track children. Get them used to it while they are young….

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  2. What’s the reasoning behind giving a 4 year old a Fitbit? I don’t believe they are making them train for a marathon or something like that.


  3. “…manufacturing a costly need that they will have to ‘feed’ endlessly …”
    …as in coercing everyone into having to buy SmartPhones and use 5G JUST to even as much as be able to communicate with one another anymore?

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      1. To clarify, it’s the vaccine passports that Quebec demands, not smartphones. But it’s pretty much the same thing. Who wabts to fumble with physical papers in -32°C cold?


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