Hardier Folks

This is how much it snowed here in Illinois:

Then it stopped snowing. Then indoor children’s activities were cancelled because “driving is unsafe.” In Illinois, what you see in the photo is now considered unsafe. The driveway is wet but theres no ice, by the way.

How the ancestors of these people managed to populate the continent is a mystery.

3 thoughts on “Hardier Folks

  1. How things have changed! I grew up in the Chicago area and I don’t recall school ever being cancelled because of snow or cold. I do remember one (only one) day when my parents decided not to send us to school because the temperature was twenty below zero. My dad didn’t go to work that day because our car wouldn’t start when it was that cold, and my brothers and I had to walk to school (it was only a ten-minute walk, but that’s enough to get frostbite when it’s twenty below). But school was not cancelled that day.


  2. Two or three feet of snow that stayed on the ground for days—sometimes even a week or two—used to be the norm in the midwest/Great Lakes region up until the early 1980s or so, when “fake springs” mid-winter started replacing the “non-stop winter weather” as the new norm.


  3. Mankind’s been spoiled for too long with our advances in industry, technology, and medicine. It’s made the current succession of generations cowardly, lame, and uninspired.
    That’s why everything has become so chicken-shit in terms of new rules, regulations and standards.


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