New Age Defeat

It’s great that the parents defeated this lunacy but it’s ludicrous this was ever even contemplated. Aztecs were a brutal, imperialist, cannibalistic, ferocious civilization. Using their blood-thirsty prayers as new-agey relaxation practices is idiotic.

The social justice folk truly haven’t met a culture they haven’t managed to reduce to a stupid consumerist trifle.

8 thoughts on “New Age Defeat

  1. What’s funny is that every single “new-agey” neopagan type person I know thought that this was a terrible idea, because they actually believe in all the gods… and they were in complete agreement that invoking the Aztec pantheon, for any reason, ever, is dangerous, because those guys are bloodthirsty bastards. They were genuinely worried about what would happen to California if they went through with it.

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    1. “They were genuinely worried ”

      You know some weird ass people…. (not a dig, knowing weirdos makes life a lot more fun and interesting as long as you can keep boundaries in place, which is not always easy because… weirdos….)

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      1. My parents were pretty hardcore hippies, back in the day. They went mainstream around the time I was born– got haircuts, went back to church, gave up playing the dulcimer– but they kept their old hippie friends. I grew up around– and am related to– many very eccentric people. Boundaries have never been an issue– I have a keen creep radar.

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  2. “Aztecs were a brutal, imperialist, cannibalistic, ferocious civilization”

    Not gonna lie, kid me would have probably been psyched about doing Aztec war chants in school, but just as a fun bad-assed thing to do, trying to tie into ‘social justice’ would have sucked all the run right out of it…

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    1. This bugs me because I teach about the Aztecs and every time I see students Google everything I say because they were taught that the indigenous were sweet, spacey, hippie-like darlings, and what I say simply doesn’t track.

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  3. Probably a good thing for Cali that this was stopped so soon. The Spanish in general and the conquistadors in particular had many faults, but the utter, complete, and thorough annihilation of those false gods and their religion was not one of them. Those things were killed off for a reason and should stay dead and buried where they belong.

    Though the more pessimistic and realistic side of me tends to think the closer we get to the rapture and the end of the age the more we are going to see things like this start to emerge again. Lord knows the west is eat up with satanists at the moment, and the way society is going, well … I think we will start to see more and more things that were better left buried returning.

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    1. What interests me is that they are so urgent to press this into the psyche of children. I’m sure they can find this on the internet if they want to–but to insist they learn and repeat it in school – but have forbidden reading the bible or reverence for the one true God–has to be intentional.

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  4. How was this ever allowed? I thought the whole matter of religious activities in taxpayer funded schools was supposed to have been settled law for quite a while now.

    If a government seizes your resources under color of law and uses them to fund religious activities (especially so if it’s someone else’s religion), we’d rightfully call it dhimmification (a fact sadly lost on much of the US’s religious-right as long as the religion in question is one that they like). Why is government funding of Aztecan paganism treated any differently there?

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