Good Administrator

The leader of our union shared the email that the president of our university wrote to him explaining why we are reopening for in-person teaching. The email is long, intelligent, and based on facts. Case numbers, says the university president, are not a meaningful metric. Schools and colleges aren’t and have never been a hub of severe illness and death. It’s time to lose the fear and move ahead. Students deserve a real education.

I’ve been saying this for a while: all of the talk about how administrators are destroying higher ed is a fantasy. On COVID, ideological compliance, wokeism – it’s always teaching faculty members that lead the way in every possible idiocy. At my university right now, the administrators are killing themselves, working all through the weekend to coax the faculty into quitting the hysteria and coming to work tomorrow.

I’m so thankful for our university administration. And mind you, not all faculty are hysterics. There are many people who want to be left in peace to work. But the hysterically scared are more numerous.

One thought on “Good Administrator

  1. I said, almost from the beginning, that case numbers are more or less meaningless. Deaths, and to a lesser degree hospitalisations are all that really matter and even that can be broken up by age to make it more informative.

    Meanwhile I am flaunting the ridiculous mask mandates at my workplace, so far so good but most people are at home cowering under the bed lest they get a “breakthrough” infection of omnicold.


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