Being sick is almost worth it for the glorious feeling of getting better. Of course, I was only sick for less than a day.

Somebody said, “why don’t you get tested, what if it’s Omicron?” But what does it change for me if it is or isn’t? I’m not seeking people’s company anyways. Missed church because whatever the illness is, I don’t want to give it to anybody. In fact, I won’t have to see anybody until it’s over 5 days since the first symptoms.

Oh, it’s good to feel better! Although I’m still not 100% back. We decided to get Indian takeout, I started reading the menu, and. . . it all sounded kind of boring.

10 thoughts on “Better

  1. Oh, what a pity that you didn’t find the Indian menu enthralling, it’s my favourite cuisine.
    As for the Covid episode, exactly, who cares whether it’s omicron or what, the problem is that one may get it twice or perhaps more often even, whether vaccinated or not. And it takes some time to recover fully, even after all symptoms have gone. Best wishes of the speediest recovery.

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      1. “weird that I feel indifferent to it today”

        Still the sickness I’d say.

        Your mileage may vary of course but when I’m sick with cold/flu type things I lose most of my appetite and when it starts to come back I go through a post-sick comfort food stage. In the US my fave was dark raisin bread and German potato salad, in Poland it’s liable to be sandwiches with ‘mortadella’ (more or less doktorskaja) and swiss cheese and/or a bunch of butter noodles).

        Even things I normally really like won’t appeal until I’m fully recovered.


  2. I had nearly this same conversation last month, with someone who felt I should “get tested!” in case it was the dread plague… Like you, I explained that I was going to stay home regardless of what the illness was, because I needed to not share my germs with others, even if it was strep, or influenza, or RSV, and course of action is also the same: stay hydrated, get more sleep, spend time outside. It was like talking to a robot with only one programmed response. Like “But you should get tested! What if it’s the coof? Don’t you want to be responsible and protect others? I would feel awful if I gave the coof to someone else!” Like they completely did not hear anything I said other than “no, I don’t need to test”. Like, do people feel that as long as it’s not covid, it’s A-OK to go and expose everyone to your strep/flu/whatever??

    I actually don’t mind staying home, and most of the lockdown and safety theater hasn’t had much effect on me personally. But the sense that I am surrounded by talking automatons whenever I’m in public is… super creepy.

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  3. I get so paranoid about being tested nowadays, and I think others who have gotten it have, too. I had to reassure a coworker that they were no longer contagious…after three weeks. Because people treat you like you are for months if you still have residual symptoms. Makes you not want to ever get tested.


    1. “Because people treat you like you are for months”

      I can’t be the only one at my workplace that had covid but not long after getting back I was receiving a lot of compassionate looks and one colleague colleague breathed a “god bless you!” my way as if I were Camille expiring in front of her in the hall…
      Maybe it was the time I was out, all my symptoms were gone in just over a week (would have been sooner without the test probably) but quarantines kept me out two more weeks longer than necessary so maybe they think it was a dramatic case or something….


  4. I’m glad you are feeling better!

    What if, instead of everyone asking, “did you get tested?” they asked, “Do you have any ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine in the house?” Or, “Do you have vitamin D or zinc?” A test won’t fix a person, but some of these medicines have proven effective. It’s a shame they are being ignored or worse–people are told they are bad. Let’s pursue healing instead of testing. Testing is stupid.

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  5. I don’t usually comment much. I have a BA in English lit but I’m no scholar.
    But, I feel I need to say this:

    I am so glad you are ok. I am so glad you’re healthy. I just want you to know that.

    I have many many stories for you about the plague. But I’m a coward. I am not even close, to the level of your courageousness.

    Thank you, for making (my) world, a bit more…tolerable.


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