An Ode to Capitalism

For three months I couldn’t take any baths because the water stopper no longer fits and the water leaks out. It’s one of those in-built little evildoers, and try as I did I couldn’t tear it out.

I suffered in silence, like a true Soviet person, deprived of one of my favorite pastimes and resigned to my bathless fate.

But then I thought, “hey! This is a capitalist country. There’s no way some ingenious person hasn’t invented a 5-dollar solution to this problem.” I googled it, and yes, it exists. Of course, it now costs $7 because there’s inflation but I bought it and bath time is back.

I know this sounds like a trivial little story but for a person who grew up in the USSR there’s no limit to how amazing this kind of capitalistic ingenuity is.

One thought on “An Ode to Capitalism

  1. If it happens again, get some of the self adhesive contact used to cover schoolbooks, or duct tape, or some sticky tape, and cover the drain when the bathtub is dry. The adhesive on the contact or tape will keep everything sealed, while the water pressure from above will press down and make it tight.

    I used to do this when renovating, couldn’t find a plug, and needed to fill a sink with water.

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