Next Revelation

Nah. . . Really? Until today it was a conspiracy theory but OK.

Next gigantic revelation: COVID vaccine dramatically increases your chances of getting infected. It’s been known for exactly a year but let’s wait for these geniuses to catch up.

8 thoughts on “Next Revelation

  1. The actual news from actual studies from the actual country of Israel established that natural immunity was 13x better than vax immunity HOW MANY MONTHS ago?

    These people aren’t allowed to do their own research, and aren’t allowed to say anything until the big boss man gives the OK.

    Which is why all the actual journalists are now on substack.

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  2. It’s very interesting watching them try to walk back the narrative. Most of the NPC’s aren’t cooperating though, not really surprising when you spend 2 years brainwashing the populace with sophisticated propaganda 24/7.


  3. Was news always this slow to reach the public through mainstream sources? Like, is this annoying because we now have faster sources and the WSJ is still a dinosaur? Or have we all gone and found better news sources because the WSJ and other antique news sources are getting worse at delivering news?

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    1. I have personally found other more reliable news sources. But I still read the WSJ at times to keep up with the lies being propagated. They do still tell lies. They had an article out right before Thanksgiving on how the big pharmaceutical companies were funding research into anti-virals to fight the virus. As if these didn’t’ already exist and weren’t being used effectively.

      What really bothers me about this WSJ article is that if I were to post it on social media, my family (who has quit talking to me because I refused to get jabbed and who think I’m a leper) will probably think this article is FAKE. Because, to lemmiwinks point, “the populace has been brainwashed with sophisticated propaganda 24/7” and they just don’t want to wake up.


  4. And, tbh, it seems like the optimal situation is to get vaccinated and boosted, to maximize chances of a mild case, then catch omicron to get an extra immune boost at low risk. Seems like this is what’s going to happen to a lot of people before March!


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