My First Wordle

Wordle 223 3/6


So I decided to try this Wordle thing. I’m not sure what the point is because it’s kind of really easy. But it’s short and inoffensive, so why not.

I promise I won’t post this daily. Or ever again.

18 thoughts on “My First Wordle

      1. Also the way its algorithm is constructed it is impossible to be won in 3 guesses.

        My best (in total 3 times I have played it) is 5 guesses.


    1. absurdle is much more fun thatn wordle… the only problem is sometimes when I hit backspace to eliminate a letter it takes me off the page and then I’ll never know what word i was forcing it into…


  1. It is such a coincidence. I’ve also played it once several days ago. Somebody linked to it on a Russian lj.

    Guessed the word “mount” after 5 attempts.

    For non-native speakers, the game is not so easy. 🙂 And may even help enrich the vocabularly.

    You said Klara likes word games. There should be similar games for elementary school kids.


  2. Today again at 5th attempt:
    Wordle 224 5/6


    It is interesting how sometimes an English word jumps to one’s head and then one googles to find out what it means.


    1. Absurdle requires the opposite strategy. In Wordle, you start with the most frequently used letters, while in Absurdle you need to start with rare, unusual letters.


      1. ” in Absurdle you need to start with rare”

        I still start with the common letters in absurdle because you knock them out of the way faster and then there are far fewer words with the weird letters…


  3. Have you heard of this book? Sounds interesting and necessary:

    Николай Эппле
    Неудобное прошлое
    Память о государственных преступлениях в России и других странах
    2-е издание


    Аннотация: Преступлениям советского времени в России до сих пор не дана значимая для всего общества юридическая и этическая оценка. Отсутствие такой оценки сталинского государственного террора и советского тоталитарного прошлого препятствует тому, чтобы современная Россия распрощалась с этим наследием. Пока все сограждане не примут на себя ответственность за прошлое, оно останется незавершенным и будет препятствовать построению современной демократии. За последние десятилетия путь от диктатуры к демократии проделало множество стран, выработав богатый опыт проработки травматического прошлого ХX века, который в России почти не известен. В книге впервые на русском языке описаны ключевые модели работы с памятью о государственных преступ­лениях и проработки трудного прошлого, практикуемые в других странах, и предложены стратегии адаптации этих моделей к условиям современной России.

    Книга удостоена премии «Просветитель» в номинации «Гуманитарные науки» (2021) и VI Публицистической премии «ЛибМиссия» в номинации «Аналитика» (2021).

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  4. Wow, I started reading the book and was shocked by the first paragraph. Meir Kahane has been mentioned in Israeli politics since forever as an Orthodox ultra-nationalist politician who was thrown out of Israel’s Knesset for racism … which requires A LOT in Israel, unlike in some circles in today’s America.

    Have always imagined him as Israeli Jew. Turns out he immigrated to Israel from America at the age of almost 40, after becoming a rabbi in USA and founding the Jewish Defense League (JDL) in New York City in 1968. Wiki says “Its self-described purpose was to protect Jews from local manifestations of anti-Semitism,” while the Russian author clarifies JDL concentrated on protecting “the Jewish population of Brooklyn from anti-Semitic residents of black and Hispanic neighborhoods.”

    His wife says JDL favored “civil rights for blacks, but opposed black anti-Semites and racism of any form.”

    ” In 1971, the JDL formed an alliance with a black rights group in what Kahane termed “a turning point in Black-Jewish relations” ”

    Pity he didn’t show any of this tolerance to Arabs .


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