Reality vs Narrative

There is a fair number of laboratories in Ukraine where viruses are studied. There are nuclear reactors. Chemical labs.

Now imagine all of it getting bombed, looted, taken over by criminal gangs. Look what one single virus that escaped from a lab did to us. Imagine several dozen much worse ones going into circulation simultaneously.

This is another answer to those who don’t understand why they need to care about Ukraine when it distracts them from navel-gazing.

Contrary to popular opinion, reality doesn’t care about our narratives.

13 thoughts on “Reality vs Narrative

    1. As much as I don’t want it to be true, what the linked article says is possible. It’s not unavoidable but it can happen. It’s a very bad, very scary situation with a huge, heavily armed, and sadly irrational adversary.


      1. “bad, very scary situation”

        Yes, but I keep thinking that the US wants Russia to invade a bit more than Russia wants to (a massively costly investment that will deprive some oligarchs of much income).

        The problem is that creating chaos is perhaps the single most common political strategy and when two agents of chaos (Biden and Putin) end up in some kind of conflict…. all bets are off.

        I do think the linked article is right about what so many Russians hate about Ukraine – it’s very existence and the longer its independent and the less Russia-centered it is the worse they hate it.

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        1. “Yes, but I keep thinking that the US wants Russia to invade a bit more than Russia wants to (a massively costly investment that will deprive some oligarchs of much income).”

          Yeah, I think this would be a massive mistake by Russia and I imagine there are circles in the US government who wish Russia would do this.


      2. Yeah, it doesn’t really make sense. Even if all goes well for Russia and they successfully annex Ukraine, they’d now be responsible for a huge amount of extra land and millions of people who hate them. I also don’t see a world where Russia doesn’t get sanctioned to oblivion and possibly cut off from the rest of Europe and the Western world.

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  1. In my own country, the United States, as of right now:

    I am being ruled over by a senile recipient of Chinese bribes who was installed through industrial-scale fraud and who has some very unsavory personal habits that I will not describe. Or, to be more accurate, I’m being ruled over by an anonymous set of handlers of that senile bribe-recipient fraud.

    The southern border of my own country is wide open and has been allowed to take in millions of illegal immigrants, who are shipped across the United States and given free housing and food at my expense.

    It’s very much not obvious that I will be allowed to vote in honest federal elections either in 2022 or in 2024 … or ever.

    I’m about to submit to a booster mandate at my workplace so that I can keep my job for six months (getting fired in August gives me time to wrap up my work here; getting fired in February would not).

    At any given moment, the Senile Fraud in the White House can issue any executive order that his handlers tell him to issue, and that fiat proclamation can ruin my life in exactly the same way that the “federal contractors” vaccine / booster mandate already has.

    The governing Uniparty wants to declare my views “insurrectionist” and ban my voting for political candidates who might do something to reform the rot.

    The governing Uniparty wants to have every possible source of dissent banned from the entire Internet and all legacy media.

    The governing Uniparty has political prisoners rotting in the D.C. jail.

    The governing Uniparty whips up BLM mobs to loot and murder whenever it needs muscle, then tries to destroy anybody who fights back.

    The governing Uniparty’s grandees are essentially all on China’s payroll, one way or another. That is probably why the U.S. Congress has never had any public discussion of the origins of SARS-Cov-2: it would annoy Nancy Pelosi’s bribemasters. That is also why the Biden regime is happy to discuss Russian aggression but is entirely silent and timid about the prospect of China enslaving Taiwan, which it might do as early as this spring.

    On Jan. 6, 2021, the governing Uniparty probably used agents provocateurs to lure normies into the Capitol Building and stage a Reichstag fire-type event so that decertification of the fraudulent Electoral College votes would be averted. It certainly did use agents provocateurs to stage a Potemkin kidnapping attempt of a highly loathsome Democratic governor (apparently, there were more FBI agents than befuddled normies in that plot).

    We’re starting to see 20%/month increments in costs for basic household goods. If that keeps up, hyperinflation is not far away, which will vaporize the remaining assets of most normal Americans.

    Before we fight a war to liberate Ukraine from tyranny, could we do something about liberating the United States from tyranny?

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    1. Nobody is asking the US to fight a war to liberate Ukraine. Or to fight any war. This is a fantasy, a distraction tactic. I’m sorry but you are being had.

      What’s required is diplomacy. We are being duped by this endless blabber about the US being asked to go to war from the fact that highly paid politicians and officials are refusing to do their jobs.

      Please, I beg you, don’t get caugh up in this trick. Nobody in Ukraine wants or expects the US to participate in any war. Nobody anywhere wants that.


    2. I’m well aware nobody in Ukraine wants the U.S. in a war. But, have you been looking at the people running our country lately? Have you been listening to their rhetoric? Jack Posobiec, who has sources inside the White House, says that “Ron Klain thinks he is the next Patton”, and that level of hubris sounds quite consistent with Klain’s observable traits.

      Let’s also remember that we aren’t even being run by Biden. We’re being run by Biden’s handlers, whose track record on … pick anything you like — say ,withdrawing from Afghanistan? — is not encouraging.

      The Biden regime is failing, it desperately needs something to draw emotional energy away from its failures, and some of us seriously worry that getting the U.S. into a war with Russia just might be their next weird trick.

      “What’s required is diplomacy.” I have two words about that wan hope: Anthony Blinken.


      1. The WH is talking up the danger of the situation because Biden needs a foreign policy win for the midterms. Once the tensions die down, Biden will claim the credit. Pretending that there’s a danger of the US participating in any military confrontation (when there’s zero) plays into Biden”s hands.

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    3. @Erich Schwarz
      Thank you for this most illuminating analysis of what the actual situation in the US is, rather than the fantasy currently being peddled by most media and believed in by the vast majority of liberal dupes.
      I totally agree with almost everything you wrote and I’m not even in the United States, but the madness coming from your country has reached these shores of Europe and the rot is setting in at devastingly high speed.


  2. Seems obvious that the economic and political problems are so enormous and unsolvable that the US oligarchy is happy to take everyone to war with a nuclear armed Russia to keep their system from collapsing for a little bit longer.


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