Yet Another One

Here’s yet another story about a criminal (a serial killer, no less) who posed as a woman to get early release. The criminal is up on charges of sexual assault and is likely to be incarcerated with female prisoners.

8 thoughts on “Yet Another One

  1. Someone I know well worked in a shelter for children in an unspecified state in the US. They had a case of a teenage male who claimed to be a woman. They placed him with girls inside this shelter and subsequently found him watching girls as they were taking shower. I am all for calling people their preferred name and treating them with respect and dignity, but there have to be limits somewhere. My line is crossed when vulnerable girls are put in danger.


      1. There is a shortcoming of it I can see because it makes the algorithm slightly easier to predict. But that may be because it’s limited to 5-letter words.

        You can force certain vowels into the word in the first turn, though I’m pretty sure the placement is less predictable. More research must be done, of course. I’m obviously just doing it for the science. :p


    1. “Absurdle. Now I can’t stop playing it”

      I’m not there yet but it’s fun. I notice I don’t care much about winning in as few moves as possible as I am forcing it into finding weird words…
      Someone far smarter than me might be able to start with a word and see if they can maneuver the game into selecting it….


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