Trucker Protest

I already received 6 text messages from different people (not Canadians) super excited about the trucker protest. And yay, cool, I guess.

The problem is, there have been mass protests in Canada for over a year. I was very excited about the first half dozen. Hundred thousand people! A great symbolic value! Dishonest media reporting! I shared photos and felt hopeful.

But nothing ever happened. People had a chance to vote for something different and they didn’t. They returned Trudeau with the same mandate.

It will be great if protest number five million turns out to be less impotent. I’m kind of jaded about symbolic gestures, so I’m not jumping up and down until it does.

5 thoughts on “Trucker Protest

  1. “People had a chance to vote…. They returned Trudeau with the same mandate”

    Given the last election in the US (and the utter disregard the Schwab set, which includes Justin, have for democracy) I’d need to know a lot more about the nuts and bolts of how votes were cast and collected and counted to actually believe that. I’m at least 50/50 assuming a crooked election that was close enough that the public’s collective bullshit detector didn’t go off (as it went off in Belarus in 2020).

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  2. In Canada we require ID to vote and we use paper ballots that are cast and counted in the presence of the political parties. Any opportunities for fraud are very small, unlike the US, whose system seems to be designed by Boss Tweed.

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    1. I also think the Canadian election was not fraudulent in the literal sense. The leader of the only true opposition party wasn’t allowed to participate in the debates and massively deplatformed but that’s not the same as outright falsifying, in my opinion.


        1. In Quebec, Premier Legault was originally against harsh lockdowns. But the public pressure was immense, so he gave in and eventually started enjoying being a mini dictator.

          Anybody who engages in revisionist thinking and now tells us that there wasn’t (and isn’t) an enormous appetite for lockdowns and mandates in Canada is being dishonest.

          When Trudeau – whom I detest – says that this is a small fringe protesting, he’s not lying. My niece is being excluded from her dance competitions – which are very important to her – because every other 12-year-old on the team is already vaccinated. If the majority weren’t, nobody could do anything. These people all vaccinated their kids before there were any mandates, making mandates possible.

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